Friday, May 30, 2008

Colorful Couches

It's probably best to upholster a couch in a more neutral fabric and add color with less expensive and more readily changed accessories, such as pillows. However, I just adore these two George Sherlock sofas I first saw on Ruby Beets. Wouldn't they be the perfect antidote for a hard day?

Monday, May 26, 2008

Black Walls - would you dare?

Black walls - would you dare to?

What would it take - tall ceilings, tons of light, or just incredible confidence?

If you would, what room - library, powder room, home theater, bedroom?

Yes, no, maybe? Check out the survey - I'm curious.

Homes and Gardens, June 2006

This bedroom, designed by Kelley Proxmire, was in the Spring 2007 Washington Design Center showhouse. I remember it well - it was simply stunning!
Designer Kelley Proxmire, images provided to Desire to Inspire by Brock Proxmire

Designer Laura Rubinstein via Desire to Inspire

The following images are from the Blakes Hotel in London, interior design by Anouska Hempel. We stayed there in July 2005. Interestingly enough, both rooms we stayed in at the hotel featured black walls.

We stayed in this room the last night. You couldn't help but feel a bit regal in it.

This room was my favorite of the two - partly because of this gorgeous Biedermeier bathroom.

Style at Home via Desire to Inspire

Ruthie Sommers via Pink Wallpaper

Designer Kara Mann, image via Turquoise Chic. Go to Kara Mann's site and click on Lake Shore Drive Penthouse to see more beautiful rooms featuring black walls.
Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles, designer Courtney Giles, photography by Erica George Dines

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Copper Bath Sources - U.S. & Sweden

Thanks to Jennifer at Washington Spaces Blog and Maria at Gardiner & Draperier for leaving sources for copper baths in the previous post's comments. Thought I would share them with you, as well as recommend that you check out their wonderful blogs.

Washington Spaces Blog is a recent edition to the website of D.C. area magazine, Washington Spaces. Prior to joining Washington Spaces a few months ago, Jennifer edited a magazine for HGTV and contributed to HGTV's "Design Happens" blog. Although she recently started this blog, it is already full of great posts featuring terrific products and resources.

Maria mentioned that the copper bath featured in the last post is actually Swedish and is 18,000 kroner - $3,000 U.S. It makes me think of the travel/buy a car deals that Saab and Volvo offer - wouldn't it be great if there were those deals for copper baths and other design products? (My husband quickly pointed out the flaw in my reasoning - you can't travel in a bath tub. I replied, "I know, I would just soak in it every day in my vacation rental timber house." At that point, he slowly backed away.) Also, be sure to check out Maria's website -, - you will find gorgeous curtain rods, iron beds, chandeliers, and candleholders.

Serentity 27 Aquatic Whirlpools - suggested by Jennifer

Nordiskakaminer Kopparbadkar - suggested by Maria

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Danish Bath to Envy

Love, love this bath. It's located in a timber house in Denmark and featured in the terrific design magazine Bolig (recently posted about by Made by Girl) Now I think I have a greater appreciation of the word sybaritic - furnishing gratification to the senses. Imagine starting off your day here every morning!

image via Bolig magazine

image via Bolig magazine

image via Bolig magazine

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fifi Flowers

Inspired by a picture of a Georgetown entry in my recent post on Formal Exteriors, Fifi Flowers created this beautiful painting. Love her vision better than the photo - hers includes a spot to sit and enjoy the setting! Head over to her site to see more of her wonderful and vibrant paintings.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Faulkner Rules

A recent visit to Ferret & Hound brought me to Rural Intelligence, an online magazine created by Marilyn Bethany (former home design editor of The New York Times Magazine and writer for Vogue, Town & Country, Elle Décor, and Architectural Digest) and Dan Shaw (former features editor of House & Garden, as well as deputy editor of HomeStyle and O at Home magazines) They featured an article on Frank Faulkner, an artist/designer who has been renovating and restoring homes, recently purchasing his 15th home in Hudson, NY. The article said it best, "So to preserve #14 for posterity, we asked Faulkner to reduce what he’s done there to a list of rules, one for each house in Hudson he’s loved and left--the Faulkner 14." Whether you agree with each rule, you have to respect the willingness to share such a definitive viewpoint, especially when the point-of-view is substantiated by images of such beautifully designed rooms. (these images courtesy of Rural Intelligence)

Rule 2 - Bring in Light and Life

Rules 3 & 4 - Curtains should blend and Treasure the threadbare rug

Rules 8 & 9 - Mix the humble with the refined and Distrust new wood

Rule 10 - Nothing is Sacred - Paint it, Strip it, Bleach it!

For Rule 11 (image below) and the other 7 Rules - Head over to the original article, it is a very interesting and informative read. You'll also be rewarded with Faulkner's pick for the perfect French Gray paint color for furniture (you'll be surprised) and his choice for curtain rings (you might even be shocked!)

For more about this talented artist and designer, visit Frank Faulkner's site. Here's a sneak peek at two rooms you'll find there. (these images via Frank Faulkner's site)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Formal Exteriors

There is something about a formal exterior. There's an undeniable WOW factor. Unlike a cottagy style exterior that invokes a comfortable, casual vibe, the formal exterior announces "notice me!" - with an emphasis on "me." Although I tend to appreciate the more casual, laid back approach, this classic, formal style can make you feel "dressed up" even if you're lounging around in a t-shirt and jeans.
Southern Accents, designer Mark Maresca, photography by Jeff McNamara

Southern Accents, designer Robert Chestnut, photography by Roger Foley
Southern Accents, designer Robert Chestnut, photography by Roger Foley
Southern Accents, designer Donna Hackman, photography by Roger Foley
image via Southern Accents
Exterior of Dallas store

The images below were taken on the East side of Manhattan. If we hadn't been in a hurry I could have taken about 100 more!

Georgetown, Washington, DC

Friday, May 16, 2008

Thank you Washington Post!

I was thrilled to find this blog was chosen as "Our Pick to Click This Week" in the Blog Watch of The Washington Post for the post on Brown & Green. Thank you Terry Sapienza - you made my month!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Brown & Green...for me

The combination of brown and blue is a classic. But like a popular song played on the radio a few hundred times too many, it can leave you wanting something else. This shirt at Boden USA caught my eye - loved the green accenting the brown. It got me thinking...I would really like a brown room. And, it just so happens, my periwinkle blue office is in need of a paint job after eight years. I love wearing brown so I'm going to try it out on my office - Benjamin Moore's North Creek Brown to be exact. A very deep, bronzy brown that is currently painted on the back of my bookcases. (the room gets alot of light) Although I love blue I'm going to try green accents. These rooms are inspiring me...
(p.s. this shirt is super soft)

See below. Don't worry my primitive rendering is only temporary. I have complied with a request to remove the pictures of Craig Henson's gorgeous green and brown room. However, the designer has graciously agreed to send me some wonderful photos later today; many more than I had originally posted. So check back tomorrow for even more terrific photos of this room!

In the meantime, click here and you will be taken to a page where you should click on the second thumbnail. This is the same photo that first appeared as part of this post.

Craig Henson did a wonderful job pulling in the brown/green theme with the outdoor furnishings - which you catch a glimpse of through the open french doors. I"m also intriqued that he painted the crown and base molding the same color. (the subject of a previous post) This room was very restful to be in.

Traditional Home November 2005
Love this library - soothing and stately at the same time.
In this Cole & Son wallpaper, brown and green is fun and lively.
Living etc June 2007, Wallpaper Cole & Son

Williams Sonoma Home Harrison Living Room
Kenneth Brown via Desire to Inspire
Kenneth Brown via Mom's Turf - This wall treatment is terrific and really sets off the green couch.
HGTV Green HouseHGTV Green House
HGTV Green HouseHouse Beautiful, June 2006, Mary McDonald Technically not a straight brown/green palette but I think the yellow green looks terrific with the dark brown armoire and the pale ice blue accent pillow.

Benjamin Moore North Creek Brown via House Beautiful. The second picture shows it in a room although on the computer it appears more muddy/grey than it does in my home.

Two images via House Beautiful
More brown and green from my home.
The earrings I often like to wear when I wear my brown polk-a-dot shirt.

I have two of these ginger jars - not sure if I'll move them from the entry but it's a possibility.


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