Friday, August 29, 2008

American Block Prints

If you've admired Block Print fabrics from Les Indiennes and John Robshaw, here is another option, the Sarah Elizabeth Shop of Rockport, MA.

Printed on 100% cotton their New England inspired designs are available in four main formats: mats, runners, hangings and napkins as well as special orders.

The following hanging, Oceanside, is comprised of 3 block prints, Squid Factory, Herring Factory and Whiting Factory. Love the look and feel of these prints!

Motif #1
Urban Removal
Squam Wood Summer
Vernal Pond

For a complete listing of their designs, click here.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Breezy Bedrooms

House to Home via All Things Blue
Coastal Living, designer/owner Amanda Lindroth, photography by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

And, even a Swingy bedroom

Coastal Living, photography by Jean Allsopp

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Room Envy

Coastal Living, designer/owner Amanda Lindroth, photography by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Recently I was visiting Harmony and Home and saw one of my favorite rooms ever featured in Coastal Living. Love the blue/gray bookshelves and mirror, the slipcovered furniture, the oversized lamps and of course, the parasol!

How did the parasol come to be?:
"In this house, the decor depends partly on serendipity. A zany Balinese parasol resides above the living area's inviting down sofa. Says Amanda, "I bought a dozen of them to use at my sister's 40th birthday party, and on the night of the event someone stuck it over the sofa." (excerpt from original article written by Marion Laffey Fox)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Want this...Purchased these...

Love this, want this - Ochre's Arctic Pear Chandelier. It has been posted about quite a bit, I just discovered it. Ochre is based in the UK (with a store in NYC) and I can only imagine what this creative, gorgeous piece of lighting must cost.

Is it bad of me to want Z Gallerie to be inspired by it?

Purchased these for the bureau in my entry way that I am painting. In light of my desire to reform my procrastination habit and lack of closure with decorating projects (see previous post), for the record I began this painting project right before Christmas. The paint was a bolder green than I had hoped for but now I have a solution without having to re-paint the whole thing.

The hall bathroom is almost completely redone - except for a showerhead (and a new faucet but the current one is ok for now). So I just ordered this Speakman LEED Standard eco friendly 6-jet Anystream.
If it turns out to be great, I'll order 2 more for the other bathrooms (possibly the model that uses only 1.5 GPM as opposed to the 2 GPM of this model)
O.K. - 2 things off the list. Estimating about 222 more to go. Hey, when you have a design addiction you got to keep things in the pipeline!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Dreaming when I Should be neglected bedroom

My bedroom is in need of care! I have been dreaming but not doing. Curtains that were taken down 3 months ago have not been returned to the rod. The raffia fabric that was "draped" over the headboard awaits permanent application! (My ego precludes me from admitting how long ago the "draping" took place. ) The pretty fabric has not been sewn into pillows. I could continue but I will spare you. It is my hope that this little bit of public sharing will spur me on (or shame me into) finishing that room. Well, at least the sheets are clean.

via Small Place Style

Living etc. April 2008

Living etc, August 2008

Architectural Digest via Decorology

Image via The Swedish Girl

Monday, August 18, 2008

John Derian at Target - Almost

You've probably noticed the recent ads - John Derian is joining Target as one of their featured designers. The print ads note the debut date as 9/14 while the website says 9/7 - looks promising! Update - just read that the collection will be available for only 8 weeks.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Color Added!

Architectural Digest published a piece on Jacques Grange's Paris apartment back in September 2007, with photography by Vincent Thibert.

Recently I bought the June 2008 Espana edition of AD and noticed these photos of Grange's apartment by Eric Jansen. If you compare them to the 2007 photos you'll notice the addition of feathers, flowers, and some room views not originally shown. Shocks of color always draw me in.

Here are some snapshots I took of the magazine - sorry that some of them are not quite clear and crisp.

A closer look at the artwork on the dining room wall.

Such a pretty blue in that china cupboard!

This piece of artwork reminds me of spin art from the 70's - although at an entirely whole other higher level. Gorgeous. If I"m reading the spanish paragraph correctly, the artist is Damien Hirst.

Also, wanted to send out a thank you to Ludvigsdal for giving me the Home sweet Home award. If you haven't already visited her blog, please do, it's wonderful. She and her family have renovated a beautiful stone home in Sweden and she runs her own boutique in Osterlen. (sorry I couln't enlarge the picture below)

Monday, August 11, 2008

This Morning I Was Here...

This morning I was in the idyllic village of Skaneateles, NY.

Now I'm home but wishing, just a bit (o.k, a lot) that I was back there. This happens everytime we return to Central New York.

But I have discovered the cure and it involves repeating the following phrase over and over again, "Remember the winter weather, remember the winter weather..."

However, in summer it's the best! Hope you enjoy these photos.

The Thayer House

High up on the 3rd floor, this sailboat caught my eye.

The Sherwood Inn - this is where we had dinner before the Senior Prom. I grew up in the next town over, Auburn, NY (the subject of a previous post)

Love to peek down driveways to see the carriage houses.

Usually houses with Mansard roofs scare me - but not this one. These homes look out onto the lake.

One of the town's many bakery shops - love this entry.

LOVE the gothic architecture in the house below - do NOT LOVE the color selection or the bricka-bracka add-on white wrought iron...

Slate sidewalks - very typical of Central New York towns

Even the library is cute!!

It seems that Parishioners leave out the bounty of their gardens for those passing by. This was all that was left by 8 p.m.


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