Monday, August 31, 2009

Blogging Break

I've been having a lot of fun finishing up projects, rearranging things, painting, etc... There's a carpenter coming on Wednesday and a tile installer, fingers crossed, on Sep 9th. But I think I need to give all these tasks my undivided attention, so I'm taking a blogger break.

Back on Labor Day with all kinds of pictures of what I've been up to - if you're interested. (This pic of a park in Paris is from our vacation last year.)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Anne's visit to The Inn at Perry Cabin

My friend Anne, of Dwellings by Design, recently stayed at The Inn at Perry Cabin which is located in the idyllic town of St. Michaels, MD on the Eastern shore. The suite she stayed in is lovely and I'm so happy she shared her pictures with me. Love the skirted vanity table and the two table lights! They remind me of the ones that designer Jeffrey Bilhuber often uses. A bit more elegance with the marble topped bedside bureau.
Love the wide striped English sofa and the crab accent pillow. The Eastern shore and crabs are synonymous. Looks so comfortable.

Their suite included a separate sun room with a desk overlooking the water. Just lovely.

In addition to a large bathroom, they also had a separate powder room with Chinoiserie wallpaper. I spy Molton & Brown toiletries - very nice.
For more pics of this resort, click here. Thanks Anne - now I want to go!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A lot of craziness going on over here

This is the opposite of an eye candy post. You see, it's T-24 days until some very special guests come to my home. I am now attempting to complete a whole series of to-do's. Here's my office midway through redecoration. I painted the brick white (the wrong white I might add) but then decided it should be like the walls, Benjamin Moore's North Creek Brown. Notice the white mantle to the left (Craigslist $100) that will be soon attached to this brick wall. The shelves are also in need of some serious editing and styling! (p.s. the original brick was not pretty)

Here are two shelving units I bought years ago at Upscale Resale. They were dark wood that I painted black. Now they're being painted Farrow & Ball's Pavilion Gray. They've been mounted on top of a frame my husband built. I still need to get the doors for the lower half...
A little stool that I found next to the trash bin in the parking garage at Clarendon Commons. It has been painted Pavilion Gray too. Notice my use of the past tense - this project has been completed! I still need to take a photo of the finished product.
Here's a bouquet for you. You deserve it after looking at all this non-eye candy!

Monday, August 24, 2009

My $3 Side Table

I found this little side table for $3 at a yard sale at the beginning of summer. 8 x 12 and 20 1/2 inches high, it's the perfect size for my living room couch. Not too big but large enough to be useful. I especially loved the second shelf and, of course, the price tag.

I tested it and the ladybug magnet stuck - so it's brass (**OOPs - the magnet sticking means it's brass plated). I dediced brass isn't so bad and decided to keep it. Plus, the 60's styling and brass features match the coffee table in the living room (that I still need to refinish.)

Here it is, all cleaned up (with Brasso). The bottom shelf is shiny - not sure where those strange shadows came from. I guess I forgot to put some tea in this cup when I styled my pic! I would have showed you where it will be but here is the current state of my living room. Time for a color change...

Saturday, August 22, 2009

12 Years Ago

Twelve years ago he went to The Maine Media Worshops with his Dad and I. There he is, age 3, on the dock in Rockport striking up a conversation with a fisherman. This year he went to Rockport on his own - to spend 2 weeks in the Advanced Young Filmmakers workshop. Today his Dad and sister picked him up, and after a few days at Cape Cod, he'll be back home. Not that I'm counting...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Passport Pillows

These passport pillows from Blissliving Home caught my eye. Especially love the last once from Iceland.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Inn Style & Wolfe Island Canada

Here are some more pics from my recent visit to upstate NY and the 1,000 Islands. After bringing my daughter to 4-H camp in Canandaigua, I stayed a night at the Sherwood Inn in Skaneateles. As a huge fan of blue, I love the exterior of this inn.
Here's a view from the side lawn. The inn is right across the street from the lake. There's an authentic inn feeling to the Sherwood. Instead of feeling decorated, the interiors feel assembled over time.

Portraits hanging on the second level. The inn has 25 guest rooms, a tavern, a formal dining room, event room and an enclosed dining porch.
Below is a painting in my room that I particularly liked.

Can it truly be summer without a ferry ride? Here's a picture of Horne's Ferry from dock of my sister-in-law's place on the St. Lawrence river. It connects Cape Vincent, NY with Wolfe Island, Ontario. From the other side of Wolfe Island, you can catch the free Canadian ferry to Kingston.
Here's a house on the St. Lawrence in the little town on the island. Wouldn't this be great with some TLC?
Poutine - a traditonal French Canadian dish of cheese, frites and gravy. This version from Le Chien Noir in Kingston Ontario has duck confit, quebec triple cream brie, green peppercorn and cognac juice. So, so, so very good!
Back in Cape Vincent, NY there is a design blogger's dream - a COFFEE shop + a Design Center/Studio. Taste of Design is chock full of an excellent selection of shelter magazines. Imagine letting the rest of the family head out to the river to catch Walleye or Muskies, while you sipped coffee and read magazines...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Belgian Pearls = Beautiful

You know the feeling you have when you reach into a coat you haven't worn in months and find a $20 bill tucked into the pocket? I just had that feeling, only instead of finding forgotten money, I followed a comment and found the blog Belgian Pearls! Then, after drooling over these beautiful interiors, I realized they were her designs - Lefevre Interieur. This blogger is also an interior decorator, who together with her brother, runs a fourth generation business of cabinetmakers.

Here are just a few images. If you love linen, stone, lighter woods and the contrast of dark and light, be sure to visit here for more. I adore the light fixture in this kitchen.(above) Don't these small stacked stones make for an interesting fireplace interior?

Incredible wood paneling - simple and stunning.

O.K, now I'm ready for Monday!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ibiza Eye Candy

My to-do list is too long. I am trying to accomplish 1 - 2 years worth of procrastinated to-do's in 1 month. It kind of reminds me of cramming for an exam late at night...but I was younger then. These pics are from a vacation home in Ibiza. Really stunning, although I worry about the leg on that one bed. Although I guess if I was in Ibiza, I wouldn't spend any time worrying.

Isn't the styling in this photo supreme? Source: British Home & Garden, Sep. 2007, photography by Simon Upton.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The "Other" Upstate NY

I was tempted to title this post The Real Upstate NY, but everything is relative. If you live in NYC I guess the Catskills would seem like upstate. The last few days I've been in Central NY, where I grew up. First stop was Clinton, NY - a cute village that is home to Hamilton College. Love these doors!

Isn't this an interesting house? The red really highlights the terrific trim detailing.

This may look like a farm but it's home to Tired Iron Auto Repair in Sauquoit, NY. This is where we buy our used Saabs and have them serviced. Yes, it is absolutely worth the 6 1/2 hour drive to have our cars taken care of by Claude Hutchings - he's the best! Check out this beautiful view. Not many auto shops can offer this!
Here's a view into the shop. Not only do they sell and repair Saabs, he and his son race them. But, I digress... back to design. I also had a chance to stay in Skaneateles, NY where I found this gorgeous home! This one could rival my dream seaside cottage (right border of the blog)

This home has the best of both worlds, situated in the village, it also it right on the lake.

How cute is this boat house? It looks like it's flying an Irish flag.

A bakery in town. They've made a living wreath out of red impatiens.

A very impressive house right in town.
Love the doorway to this house with its unique arch trim.

I've got more to post soon from my trip, including some pics from Wolfe Island, Canada. I was only gone 5 days but somehow managed to fit in alot!

I'd also like to say thank you to Yancy of Designing Life. I was the lucky winner of her second giveaway. I can't tell you the number of times I almost bought a bird figurine like this one. Thank you Yancy! Yancy is based in Miami and is studying architecture. Be sure to check out her blog.


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