Friday, April 30, 2010

Our Tage Sale - Today & Tomorrow!

Our huge TAG SALE is today April 30th from 3pm - 7 pm and Saturday May 1st from 7 am - 12 pm. I ran out of time to take more pictures but here are some of the other items that will be for sale:

- Corner Armoire, painted black
- 2 chair & a half's with twin sleepers - covered in periwinkle blue slipcovers
- 4 green farmhouse style chairs w/rush seating from Italy
- overstuffed upholstered chair (think 80's but super comfortable, great for rec room or family room)
- ottoman
- suede upholstered chair
- blonde maple desk from Hold Everything (went out of a business few years ago)
- silk dupioni drapes (yellow green in color)
- lots of framed artwork - some oversized
- and so much more. You can go this post to see more pics.

To all the bloggers who left comments that you may be coming - thanks! Sorry that I didn't get back to everyone personally. Definitely ask for me when you come to the sale - would love to meet you.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Michael Angus's Apartment on H & H Online TV

There is serious eye candy on this week's episode of House & Home Online TV. Designer and store owner Michael Angus gives a tour of his fresh and tailored home, highlighting the use of space expanding mirrors, beautiful moldings and antiques.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Spanish Courtyard Extraordinaire

Back in Oct. '09 I posted about Lorenzo Castillo's beautiful Madrid home. Now here is the equally stunning courtyard. Aren't the black and white tiles incredible?
I particularly like the photographer's choice of photo here - with the reflections in the antique mirror.

All images from Nuevo Estilo, here, name of photographer not known. Hope you have a great start to your week.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Huge Tag Sale!: My friends and I

My friend Lori is moving to Georgetown - "downsizing" in the most chic of ways. The tablescape above gives you a sense of her style and great eye. She'll be selling the majority of the pieces from a staging business as well as selected pieces of furniture and accessories from her home. I'm joining her, along with fellow design enthusiast friends, to host a HUGE TAG SALE Friday April 30th 3 pm - 7 pm and Saturday May 1st 7 am - 12 pm.
Items for sale from myself, Lori and my other friends include: upholstered chairs, sofas, dining room table, accent chairs, rugs, desks, mirrors, lamps, framed artwork, pillows, bolts of fabric including designer names, accessories, custom made duvet covers, and more!
Here are just some pictures -will post more this weekend. The armoire above will be for sale.
Cane back dining chairs Lori bought while on vacation in Bangkok

4 terrific framed prints of Paris
Pairs of lamps, lampshades
Stool upholstered in a Kelly Wearstler fabric, ABC Carpet & Home chair, bedding that was used for staging so no one ever slept on it!
An absolutely beautiful comforter.

More pillows, bedding and table runners.

Custom made king size duvet cover with 2 european shams.
Gorgeous black see-through fabric purchased at ABC Carpet & Home. Would make beautiful drapes. I'll be posting more items that will be for sale in the next few days.
Hope to see you at our HUGE TAG SALE! Friday April 30th 3 pm - 7 pm and Saturday May 1st 7 am - 12 pm.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Showhouse Preferences? Pushing Boundaries or Playing it Safer

There have been alot of posts recently about showhouses in DC and other cities and it has me wondering about about the classic debate:

Should a showhouse be a cohesive presentation of beautiful but somewhat predictable design or should it push the boundaries and go for the wow factor, even if the rooms don't flow? When it comes to the wow factor, where do you draw the line between unique and innovative and too edgy and impractical?

Considering the expense, in today's economy it's understandable why designers may choose to create rooms that potential clients can relate to. In fact, some people prefer the showhouse that's not too far from what they could imagine in their own home. But, when is it that too conventional?

I think this 2009 Hamptons Designer Showhouse sitting room designed by Ellen Hamilton Design pushes the boundaries of safe in very successful and exciting way. The large scale Osborn and Little wallpaper by Suzy Hoodless is matched with the strong colors of the upholstery, carpet and drapes for a very exhuberant and committed look.
(First image via Emily Evans Eerdman, second and third image via The Smoking Nun, photographer unknown)
For me, this dining room designed by Marshall Watson, is pushed past beautiful to fascinating by the seagrass shades dripping with illuminated glass balls, the black outdoor lantern sconces, the oversized wire urns and the tobacco glazed and stenciled walls. Chair slipcovers are embroidered with guest names and even the uber-wide edging on the carpet strays from the trend for a narrow band.

So , if you were forced to make a choice between only two options, which one would you prefer:

(1) the wow factor, even if it means some impractical design and rooms that don't flow together
(2) beautiful design, even if it means more predicatable rooms with few surprises

If you fondly remember a designer showhouse room that achieved a great balance between the wow factor and relatable design, please mention it in your comment or leave a link. I'm curious to hear what you think...

For a complete virtual tour of the 2009 Hamptons Designer Showhouse by Edge MediaRE go here.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Dolphy Day!

Happy Dolphy Day!! If you know what this means then I'm guessing you either went to LeMoyne College or know someone who did. LeMoyne is in Syracuse NY and Dolphy Day celebrates the first sunny and somewhat warm day in spring. I can't speak to the campus tradition now, but from '82 - '86 it was still a bit of a rogue venture not officially sanctioned by the college (now alumni receive an email spreading the news). You woke up to find the secret "grand wizard" had toilet papered the campus and everyone skipped class. Beer trucks and kegs would arrive and a very crazy & fun day would begin. If you've ever lived through a cold and dark Syracuse winter you can sympathize with the need for this free-for-all.

Why the name Dolphy? It's from the originators of the day back in 1971 and honors the late jazz musician Eric Dolphy.

Why no picture of my 4 years of Dolphy Day celebrations to go along with this post?...some things are better left not shown. Happy Dolphy Day!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Kitchen Envy from Charleston

Marble, painted cabinets, stainless steel and a chandelier make for an elegant kitchen I don't mind being a bit envious of.
Similar features sans chandlier.

More of the same, with the family silver and wire grille added in to the mix. I've posted about this kitchen before - but just had to again as the house appears still to be for sale.

Images from here.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Virginia Gentleman's Study & A Sale

A few weeks ago I wrote about the extraordinary home of a very creative woman (here and here) Now I'd like to share the photos from her husband's study- an equally fascinating and intriguing space. Entering the room you immediately sense that this is someone who is passionate about history and completely at home surrounded by collections and personal mementos. I don't think it would be possible not to be entertained and informed after spending a day in this room.
Organized abundance - for me it's a very pleasing look.

Cannons standing guard. Notice the stately landscaping at the entry of this home.
Love the red and white shades on these sconces. Hope you enjoyed the peek into this amazing study.

On another note - A Sale:
I was recently contacted by Annie Groer, former Washington Post Home section writer about an upcoming "Get It Gone" parking lot sale at 4912 Del Ray Avenue, Bethesda, MD this Saturday, April 17, from 7 am until noon. (*Rain Date is April 24. For updates go to Capital Consignment)

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Craigslist Buy

Two weeks ago I purchased this craigslist find - advertised as a Georgian mahagony fold-down- top desk from the early 1800's. Two of the three ivory key hole inserts are still in place and the secret drawer hidden underneath the bottom of the center section is a big hit w/my kids. It has a little ivory drawer pull on it. The hardware is brass but it appears to have replaced the original oval shaped hardware.
It wasn't a giveaway but at $350 I'm really happy with it. It's 46" wide and it has found a home in the family room centered between two french doors on other side. I'm changing that room completely and have moved furniture all around so right now there are only 2 pieces in there that were there last year (black bar cabinet and my $5 glass coffee table). Once work dies down and I have a bit more free time I'll post pictures of my redecorated dining room/library and my family room in progress.
For a bit of eye candy, here's a secretary desk from the home of Rosa Bernal, image from Nuevo Estilo here. Hope you had a great weekend. Michele

Friday, April 9, 2010

Downstairs at the DC Design House

More than a terrace - Andrew Law's refined and sophisticated space is an outdoor living room worthy of this historic home. Andrew removed some less-than stellar elements (dropped ceiling, ceiling fan) and added to the architectural elements with beams and a wonderful washed paint treatment on the ceiling. Love these klismos chairs and the faux bois table.
The antique Swedish stone eagle is from Tone on Tone in Bethesda and serves as a focal point for the terrace. He is a character in his own right and I just couldn't resist posting a second picture of him.

Basha White commissioned custom furniture maker Keith Fritz to create this gorgeous, round dining table. His pieces are destined to become family heirlooms. Formerly of DC, Keith's firm is located in Indiana and he personally delivers his pieces to clients. I love that the claw feet and casters are in a silver finish.
Nestor Santa-Cruz's reception room is hip and traditional at the same time. The faux painted stone treatment on the walls and the eclectic mix of furnishings give a real European feel to the space.
A close-up shot of the fireplace from Frank Robb Randolph's living room that I posted about here.
Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey brought a fresh,updated look to the large entry and stairwell area.
When you visit the showhouse be sure not to miss the garage conversion by Lynni Megginson - it's now a virtual golf room complete with an outdoor putting green. Even if you'll never set up an electronic fairway in your home, Lynni's space is a multi-purpose entertaining/game room full of ideas. (virtualgolfgirl at me . com)
There's still more rooms to see at the DC Design House - Emily Bishop's Deck and Patio, Sarah Wessel's Sun Room, Barry Dixon's conservatory, Victoria Sanchez's Library and the kitchen by Rosi Kallivokas of Clive Christian.
The house is open April 10 - May 9 and tickets are only $20. The money raised supports The Children's Hospital. For more information about the DC Design House here. Have a great weekend!


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