Saturday, July 31, 2010

Do You Have a Fly Swatter?

Am I crazy to ask this question? Will I lose readers just at the thought of a squished fly on a swatter? (expecially since my friend Lisa reminded me a rolled up newspaper works great and can be thrown out.)
Well, I do have a fly swatter courtesy of attending a really fun wedding at a farm in central New York. As you can see, the handle notes the wedding date.
It came with a cute and creative poem -
Mike and Adrienne wanted to get married on a farm because of the memories and all the country charm. They were worried the flies would annoy their guests so use this fly swatter to put a few to rest!
(p.s. the marks on the poem sticker are not from flies!)

In the D.C. area, flies really aren't a problem and we rarely have them. My fly swatter is tucked away in a hidden area - typically used only when a wasp or bee somehow finds its way in.

As a kid we had a fly swatter hanging up in discrete area off our kitchen. We had no air conditioning and alot of flies that were quite crafty at flying in when we were going in or out the door. Although instead of the swatter we much preferred the entertainment of watching my Dad catch flies in mid-air with his hands!

Here's a Daisy fly swatter from etsy - here.
This etsy Flip-flop fly swatter is fun. The fly is fake. ( here)

So, was this question too crazy or is there a fly swatter somewhere in your house, on your porch or cabin in the woods? Note: no actual flies were harmed in the making of this post.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Predicting Red for 2011 Color of the Year

O.K. - I'll either look back at this post fondly or with egg on my face but I have a feeling that red is going to be the Color of the Year in 2011. What do I base this on? It's certainly not any market research but I have been noticing & admiring the color red lately. I emphasize the "admiring" part as I've never been one to care for red and if I'm starting to like it that must mean something (or, nothing at all!) The red bead
chandelier is from Julia Edelmann's design studio in Chicago. You may remember the previous version in turquoise. (I've forgotten who designed this chandelier)

Here's the new Rose Line lamp from CB2 - they chose a red cord. Below is a bar arrangement styled by Ken Chrzastek of Chicago's Mecox Gardens. I think Ken creates the best store vignettes ever and if he's drawn to an all red bar palette...

So, what do you think? Could it be RED or am I totally off-base?

(p.s. - I'm on travel and posted this from my iPad w/wireless keyboard. Love it!)

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Pearl at the Oyster

...The Oyster Box hotel to be exact (Durban, South Africa). I haven't been this taken by a hotel's design since first seeing the interiors of the J.K. Capri two years ago. For me the shell chandelier, diamond patterned fabric and the star shaped in-laid table are jaw dropping gorgeous.
Love these oranges and reds with the dark panelling and brass light fixtures.
I think I'd turn these chairs the other way...what a view.

Without the floor to ceiling mirrors this room could feel claustrophobic. Just noticed the bedside tables have their own "headboards" too.
I found out about The Oyster Box hotel after visiting the Australian based blog Verandah House - this blogger is launching her own line of rattan furniture and accessories for the Australian market and her blog is full of eye candy.
Hope you had a great weekend. Sunday we lost power after a storm ripped through the area in the afternoon but now it's back on - yeah!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Rosemary Beach House & More...

A recent commenter to my post on Dave Lennard's zinc-topped tables mentioned she used of one of his tables in a Rosemary Beach, FL project. Following that comment led me to the portfolio of Atlanta based designer, Sherry Hart, and a whole lot of design eye candy! Love the relaxed, comfortable styling and the infusion of accents that lend a put-together-over-time look to what I'm guessing was newer construction.
Great accents - can't imagine this room without the glass door screen & those blue jars, or the striped throw for that matter.
Here's a few more images from Sherry's portfolio:

Love the bold yellow in this bedroom and the creative barn door headboard with lighting. So glad I followed that comment to Sherry's site and also to her blog Design Indulgence.

Although it makes me wonder - - with limited time for blogging -- what else am I missing out on when I don't follow up on all the comments?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Zinc-Topped Tables & More: Warehouse Finds in Atlanta

The last few years a business trip hasn't been complete without time away for something design related. Last week's behind-the-scenes visits in Atlanta are all thanks to Richard Taylor of Flat Earth Designs (you may remember him from the post It's not leather, It's concrete!) who was very generous with his time and gave me a tour of some great design sources, including his own warehouse. First up is furniture designer Dave Lennard, whose warehouse is located right next to Richard's. Dave handcrafts large scale zinc-topped tables that are beautiful in both finish and proportion. Many of his designs have that sought after Belgian aesthetic. I also happen to be swooning over those chairs too!
This table with the rivets has more of an industrial edge to it.
Particularly love the patina of the zinc on this table. In addition to furniture, Dave carries industrial antiques and unique accessories. Good news is that his work is available to both the public and the trade. More info here.
A number of artists share the space with Dave and I couldn't help but notice this secretary desk in-progress.
Next up was a visit to the shared warehouse of four talented and friendly women - Margaret Bostick of The Silk Purse, Inc., Lisa Burnett of Inner Pieces, and Glenis Rose and Marlene Buckalew of Birts & Grits. Their gorgeous finds from trips to France and Belgium are available to-the-trade and to the public via Scott Antique Markets (North Bldg., A-6, #162-165). They had just come back from a successful weekend at Scott's and their warehouse was still full of unique things - I can only imagine the before-Scott's version.
Beautiful urn. Why can't carry-on suitcases be larger?!

Gorgeous marble topped tables that would look smart with many different decors.

Thought this was quite creative - boxwood balls resting on iron scrolls.

I love these two metal containers to the left.

Just before leaving I noticed these three oil paintings and fell in love with the two on the ends. Margaret had mentioned she found these in Ghent, Belgium; part of an original set of 11 by an amateur painter. I love the quality of the light and have found the perfect place for them in my house.
A bit more - here's a look at Richard's work in the raw, pre-staining stage. His pieces are made with the more expensive and higher quality white concrete (as opposed to gray). Below is a finished Watts Pot - amazing difference; although the unfinished white pieces have their own appeal too.
I meant to take more pictures of his warehouse as I found the whole place fascinating & so much larger than I imagined it. There's different sections devoted to creating rubber molds, casting pieces, and experimenting with new designs. Plus, on one wall of large scale shelves there's a huge collection of design magazines - any blogger's dream!

Dave Lennard 941. 232. 2925, Margaret Bostick, The Silk Purse, Inc. 404. 431. 5422, Lisa Burnett, 404. 808. 7135, Brits & Grits, Glenis Rose 678. 656. 5973 and Marlene Buckalew 770. 815. 2696., Richard Taylor of Flat Earth Designs (to-the-trade and at Round Top)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nestor Santa-Cruz & Casa Claudia

You may recognize parts of this luxe Washington, DC home, designed by the very talented Nestor Santa-Cruz, from its appearance in Elle Decor Dec. 09. Nestor recently mentioned the home was also featured in the May issue of Lisbon based magazine, Casa Claudia. It's exciting to see whole rooms and elements in this spread that weren't part of the Elle Decor story. The green walls above are a faux-leather treatment. Nestor is known for his talent in seamlessly integrating art and accessories and the placement of the Italian vase and the client's oil painting above the console is perfection to me. Nestor found this piece while in Argentina; it's from the legendary Paris-based firm, Maison Jansen.
The room on the right never appeared in Elle Decor - love the bright contrasts of color against the white walls. Fab coffee table too!
The large pink ball is a great addition to this version of the study; the powder room with its patterned marble floors, inspired by the bathroom of French fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin, also makes a first appearance. (images of Lanvin's bathroom via Musee des Arts Decoratifs here)
To see more of Nestor's work in person, you can visit his study at the DC Design Center Hall of Fame 2010 Showhouse through Dec. 11. Images provided by Nestor Santa-Cruz, all photography by Angie Seckinger.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Marija Stephens: Luminous

I have just returned from a business trip and don't have the spirit yet to write about design. My mind is on Marija of Holding Court. I am heartbroken for her husband, her children and all her family and friends. There have been beautiful tributes to Maria in the blog world and I want this post of rememberance to always be a part of this blog.

We only met last month. Within the first half-hour I had invited her to my home in September and she had accepted. We laughed, shared stories and agreed on so much. How can only 7 hours of time together and a month of emailing create such a deep impression?

I am left with one conclusion: some people, by their very nature, are more. They are greater in joy, brighter in intellect, bigger in spirit, and filled more with love. Marija was one of those people.

I have also found that these most gifted of people are the most humble; the least aware of their excellence; the most generous with their wit and humor; the most capable of making you feel good and valued just by being around them. They live optimistically and with abundance, freely sharing their goodness. Marija was very gifted in all these ways.


(Marija's husband has written a beautiful piece about his wife here. Donations in Marija's name can be made to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago.)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Round Hill

If you read my blog back in the summer of 2008, you may recognize part of this post. I will be gone for a few days, but in the meantime I hope you enjoy the new pics added to this old post. The first is still one of my all time favorites. (All images are from the hotel Round Hill in Jamaica)


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