Monday, August 30, 2010

Capella Kincheloe - formerly of Michael Smith Inc.

My friend Anne dropped by today with magazine treats, including the Sep issue of Atlanta Homes. In the What's Hot Now! section I noticed that Capella Kincheloe, formerly with Michael Smith Inc., had relocated to Atlanta and opened her own firm. In addition to traditional design services, Capella offers IDESIGN. This beautiful, restful bedroom was an IDESIGN project and if you check out the before pictures you'll see it's a complete transformation. Love the wall color, the taupe shades and the unique fabric on the bolster.
Just noticed the carpet at the foot of the bed that pulls in all the colors.
All three of these rooms feature an abstract painting that amps up the sophistication factor. The abstract in the room above is by Atlanta artist Tina Steele Lindsey. Notice how Capella propped the painting below in front of a traditional gilt frame.
Capella also writes a blog - A Curated Lifestyle. For more images of her work go here. If you're in Atlanta Nov. 27 - Dec. 12 you'll be able to see more of her work as she was selected as one of the designers for the 2010 Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle Christmas House.
(all images via Capella Kincheloe Interior Design)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Kitchen Wall of Windows

Some of my favorite kitchens are those with few overhead cabinets and one full wall of windows. This Charleston kitchen and adjoining den are flooded with light and feel very connected to the outside garden.

I'm guessing the owners removed the walls leaving just the fireplace wall. I like how it both separates and connects the spaces at the same time.

Think happy thoughts for me - the computer I use (the one with all my photos in it!) appears very dead. All hopes now rest with my son's 16 yr old friend who is a computer genious - I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Images via Carriage Properties here.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stalking "My" Seaside House

More accurately, STILL stalking this story book seaside house in Watch Hill, RI. The reference to "my" is strictly aspirational. I can't visit Watch Hill without gazing at this house and taking as many pictures as possible - even with husband and kids reminding me I already have all these same pictures!
The quality of the detailing is incredible and just amps up the charm of this home.
Here I am peering through the gate meant to keep people like me at bay.

The view out to the ocean. Could it be more perfect? By chance has anybody ever been inside this home?

Do you have a home you covet and re-visit as often as possible?

Monday, August 23, 2010

I LOVE this Bedroom

I picked up this month's Traditional Home and was completely taken in by this sumptuous and sophisticated yellow and gray bedroom designed by Betsy Berner and Tara Sutphin of Berner Sutphin Designs for the Stately Homes by the Sea showhouse. The fabric on the walls and portiere is by Fadini Borghi - what a beautiful pairing of fabrics! Under the windows, the insets have been painted gray (more noticeable in the last photo) and the planted urn adds another layer of patina to this space.
The sconce, the stools, the display cupboard - I could go on and on...Love it all!

There are so many more gorgeous pictures available on their web site here (click on Portfolio, then Sheep Run's House), including the sitting room and the bath with it's Pierre Frey fabric and Venetian plaster wall treatment. The photography is outstanding and the close-up vignettes are their own works of art.

Last image: source Traditional Home, photography by Elisabeth McKay and Robert McKay, McKay Imaging Photography

Other images: source
Berner Sutphin site, McKay Imaging Photography

Friday, August 20, 2010

Great Jones Home - If Elle Decor Was a Store...

If Elle Decor was incarnated as a store I think it would look just like Great Jones Home of Seattle. Luckily when I was visiting last month I had a chance to meet owner Carrie Hayden, the creative force behind this amazing store that would be just as home in NYC or Chicago as it is in Seattle. The store is comprised of beautiful vignettes - each with their own unique look. I love how she's stacked these prints; something a bit different from the side-by-side symmetrical placement. The lantern is perfect in this space too.
A little pop of chinoiserie red on the pillow. (I'm still rooting for red as the color of 2011)
Now, for an old money chic look. It always seems that a vintage portrait adds importance to everything around it.
Carrie mentioned that these make these wonderful metal sculptures on lucite bases and they're available in 3 sizes at 3 price points under $100. Perfect for you or a friend! (hope I'm remembering the pricing accurately) When I go back to Seattle in September I'm planning for space in my suitcase to take one of these home.
Gallery style mix of prints and mirrors. Notice the tortoise shell off to the right.

Carrie and her staff also provide full service interior design. A beautiful vintage bathroom Carrie designed was featured in the June 2010 issue of House Beautiful here.

I've been noticing alot of brown sofas in stores recently but that might just be because my family room sofa is out being reupholstered in a brown linen. Love the velvet on this sofa - so welcoming.
Thank you to Carrie and her staff for letting me wander around snapping pics. If you're in Seattle, Great Jones Home is a must visit!!
1921 Second Avenue Seattle, WA

Monday, August 16, 2010

Waking Up to This View

Waking up to this view could transform any Monday morning, even if you still had to head into work. This beautiful room is from the CastaDiva Resort on Lake Como, Italy. Image found at Nuevo Estilo.
15+ more minutes of stunning eye candy at the CastaDiva site here.

Happy Monday. Hope you had a great weekend.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Living the Dream - Only to Have it Crushed

He was up in cental NY just to have my car serviced at the place where we buy all our Saabs. The phone rang.
"Claude's got this great convertible..."

We already have 3 Saabs (albeit one is quite old) and we don't need another one.
I looked at the picture they emailed me. He looked so happy. He promised he'd wear sunblock every time he drove with the top down.
To my own surprise, I said, "GET IT - Life is short!"

Then the phone rang at Tired Iron Saab. The guy who had first dibs on it called with minutes to spare to say he decided he wanted it.

The phone rang here. "The other guy got it."
age 47 - living the dream, if only for 15 minutes.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rare Finds at Seattle's Red Ticking

Years ago I can remember reading in a number of magazines about the Seattle store Red Ticking and hoping someday I would have a chance to visit. That was before blogging and any aspirations I might have had of meeting the owner, Pam Robinson. Well, I recently had the pleasure of doing both those things and couldn't be more happy about it. Pam left a corporate career in fashion design to pursue her passion for vintage and rare European textiles and opened Red Ticking. Not only is it full of beautiful fabrics but also unique furniture pieces found on shopping ventures on the East coast. Love this settee in the purple gray fabric.
A life preserver with character! Pam mentioned these are hard to come by as of late.

The selection of vintage fabrics is vast. Pam finds these primarily in the south of France. The prices can range from $95 - $900+ depending on the size and rarity. Pam made an analogy between these textiles and works of art - which made a lot of sense to me. The number of these pieces is finite in supply and in some cases there are few pieces left.

At the end of my visit, Pam generously gave me one of these lavender sachets made by a friend of hers in France from a rare indigo dyed fabric. It's like having a little piece of history and I love it! I recently emailed Pam to let her know how handy it came in when we were stuck behind a dump truck in the tunnel out of Boston's Logan airport. Beautiful and practical - the best combination.
Pam's gorgeous home appeared in the April 07 issue of the much-missed Cottage Living. You can check out the complete spread here (Photography by Roger Davies)

*Update - I was just visiting Pam's blog and noticed she now has a presence on 1st Dibs!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Margaret Russell Leaves Elle Decor!

Per a press release yesterday: "Margaret Russell has been named Editor-in-Chief of Architectural Digest, it was announced today by Thomas J. Wallace, Editorial Director of Condé Nast. Her appointment is effective September 7, 2010. The editorial headquarters of Architectural Digest, currently in California, will move to New York City."

Congratulations Margaret! From my point of view this means - Architectural Digest is now going to be a must-buy magazine!

Reporter Steve Cohn of minonline reports her debut issue will be January 2011. More details here.

Now I wonder who will replace Margaret at Elle Decor? She leaves behind huge shoes to fill.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Julia Edelmann's Chicago Studio

When Debra Phillips hosted her opening party for SG Grand back in June, designer Julia Edelmann of Buckingham Interiors + Design LLC also opened up her brand new design studio for party goers. Enveloped in white, the studio showcases her eye for beautiful pieces, including this show stopping Swedish bench paired with a mod geometric print. Check out the pair of light fixtures in the background - loved those too!

A mirrored console is paired with modern sculptures and an antique portrait. It's a great reminder of how successful an off-center placement can be. (These mid-westerners have great taste in shoes)
This fabulous light fixture is in the powder room. It was great to meet Julia - she and her staff were great fun to talk with. For more of Julia's interior design work - go here.

Hope you have a great weekend. It's almost Friday!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Chicago's Mecox Gardens - always a favorite

I mentioned the great tablescapes of Ken Chrzastek of Chicago's Mecox Gardens in an earlier post on red. Here's some more red & lots more eye candy from whenI visited this beautifully styled store back in June.

Also - you may have noticed the posts have been a bit sparse. I've been in Seattle and am now in Cape Cod and will have lots of fun things to post about soon. Hope you're enjoying your summer!


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