Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dallas' Blueprint - Fantastic!

My visit last week to Dallas' Blueprint was a treat I had been looking forward to and it exceeded all my expectations. Set in an interesting house from the 1920's, the beautiful furniture, accessories and abstract art are the perfect foil to the grand and charming architectural details. It felt as if you were visiting the home of a very chic designer but, instead of just having to be envious, you could buy it and bring it home for yourself.

A hallmark of this store is their amazing collection of abstract art.

Loved these two vintage Danish modern chairs.

Notice the square tapers.

Just a bit of the interesting architectural detailing.

Looking down the stairwell from the second floor. The cross arrow ironwork includes a fab lion head.

In addition to a fabulous setting and collection of furniture, the store is run by the nicest staff of designers. After asking which direction to walk the few blocks to the Ritz Carlton where I was staying, one of the designers offered to drive me back to avoid the 105 degree heat! Looking forward to visiting again when I'm back in the big D in September.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Faux Bois Velvet - suggestions?

Loved this faux bois velvet when I saw it at Bungalow Classic way back in February while in Atlanta. Does anyone happen to know of a source for fabric like this?

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

On the Diagonal & Earthquake, really

Last week while visiting Seattle's Great Jones Home, I noticed these great tete-a-tete pieces. So interesting - have you ever used one in your home?

In keeping with the diagonal theme, Barry Dixon has these two chairs at angles - creating an unexpected look and opportunities for multiple conversation areas.
Barry Dixon, photography by Jonny Valiant.
Stefan of Architect Design recently showcased the Hampton Show House room designed by Donald Schermerhon, where he noted the diagonal placement of the furniture aided the traffic flow.

Re: THE EARTHQUAKE in DC, of all places - I never would have guessed that I would be in Dallas, my husband in NY, and my teenage kids home by themselves when a 5.8 earthquake hit. They called me from the street in front of the house, surrounded by neighbors, clearly a bit shaken. Bookcases fell over and pictures fell from the walls but my kids were safe and sound. And, that's the only thing that matters.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Seattle's Great Jones Home

The last time I went to Great Jones Home in Aug 2010 I titled the post, If Elle Decor Was a Store. This store does not disappoint - lot's of juicy colors, lush textures and a great mix of pieces. My favorite was the tapestry upholstered stools below. Love these!

Last week the weather in Seattle was sunny and a beautiful 70 degrees. Off to Dallas tonight where it's supposed to be 105 - yikes!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

How Could I Be Mad?

How could I be upset when a car as cute as this beat me to the parking space I was headed for? It's like a toy car, but it's not, and I want one too!
Hope you're having a great weekend. I took the red eye back from Seattle and slept almost all of Friday. Next week I'm headed to Dallas and can't wait to visit Blue Print. Any other suggestions for stores I should try to see? Back Monday with pics from Seattle's Great Jones Home.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I'm Late to the Game - Jeffrey Allan Marks

Thanks to itunes & a season's pass, my daughter and I just completed a marathon viewing session of the first season of Million Dollar Decorators. Love it all - so much so I've watched a few episodes twice. Prior to this show, I wasn't aware of the amazing work of Jeffrey Allan Marks. Here's just a few pics of his designs along with some of his lighting designs. (I'm posting from Seattle on my ipad and having trouble linking. His site is

Rope Sconce

Monday, August 15, 2011

Scott's: A Quick Visit

2 1/2 hours is not enough time for Scott's - but it's better than no time at all. Here are a few things that caught me eye during my brief visit Thursday afternoon.
Love these steel spheres.

Admired this seller's styling.

Beautiful arrangements by Gregory Joseph Designs (404.539.0143, no email on card)

Too late for this one! I'm on the hunt for a table that can be used for a bathroom sink vanity. This was near perfect but not quite as wide as I'd like. If I had a car, as opposed to a plane ticket, I probably would have bought it though and found some other use for it.

What did I get? A large piece of coral shaped like a bowl. Here I've filled it with shells & I don't like how it looks! Thoughts - leave it empty...


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