Thursday, September 29, 2011

My Friend's Lovely Luncheon

Lauren of Pure Style Home and I had the most wonderful luncheon out on our designer friend Anne's beautiful screened porch. The table setting was charming and perfect for a September day. Isn't it great when dear friends also love design and pretty tables! Notice how Anne used 5 mugs for the centerpiece, 3 filled with flowers and 2 left empty. I've made a note of this idea to copy someday.
I couldn't not mention what was served. Grilled salmon on a bed of greens with new potatoes and a champagne dressing. Delicious.
I featured Anne's porch before here. There have been some lovely new accessories added that I wanted to show you.

A plaque purchased from Matthews House & Garden that Anne custom painted herself.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sleek Eye Candy

This time of year I especially love darker rooms with lots of wood. This interior designed by the Canadian firm McIntyre Bills Designs appeared in Canadian House and Home in 2009. If the room ran in a magazine this year, I'm wondering if all the metal accents would be brass?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Draw It In

Over the years there have been some great examples of drawing in architecture with sharpie pens. Many of those were more of a free hand approach. Seeing these amazing doors makes me appreciate the straight line, literal approach that transforms these doors into a building facade. Oh, and I love those lion pulls! (Interiors of a Mikel Larrinaga from Nuevo Estilo here.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Snuggle Up - D. Bryant Archie Textiles

There's a definitely chill in the air here; time to get under the covers. One of my favorite people in the design world, Bryant Archie of D. Bryant Archie Textiles, has added two new patterns to her gorgeous collection of warm, soft handwoven baby alpaca wool blankets and pillows.
The RIAD is inspired by the inner courtyards of the hidden riads of Africa and the Middle East.
"Plaster and stone walls and terraces, terracotta pots, inlaid mother of pearl...light and darkness...aged, tattered." I love this color palette - a perfect pairing for a Fall day.

"The Usonian is inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian philosophy of simple, efficient home design...common interior elements--leather, wood, tile, metal." My favorite part is the curvy pattern detailing. Blankets are 59 x 79 and pillows are 22 x 22.
Although there's crisp, autumn air here in DC, I'm a bit happy I'm headed to Dallas where it's still 90 - especially since the hotel I will be at has a roof top infinity pool. This trip marks the last one this summer which was comprised of 8 cities in 12 weeks. Whew. The airport part I won't miss.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Review - Ballard Designs Sonoma Bookcase

Our family room was in desperate need of a change in scale in the furnishings, as well as storage, so when I came across Ballard Designs Sonoma Bookcase on sale for $349 I decided to take a chance. Bottom line - I'm really happy with it. Since it's 7 ft tall and 42 inches wide, it has a nice presence in the room. (*the butcher block countertop overhang is going to be removed in the kitchen renovation.) In particular I like:
- the quality of the wood finish
- the X detail.
- 4 movable shelves. I decided to place mine unevenly so the X would show
- fairly easy to put together
- quite sturdy, although since it's 42" wide I wouldn't put a whole row of encylopedias across it
- shipped very quickly and the charge was only $21 dollars or so
- great value for $349

Here it is currenlty, although I'm sure when I get home from Seattle I'll tweek this a bit.

(*these opinions are mine and I receive no form of renumeration for them.)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Bath Remodel -Change in Color Scheme

I fell in love with this tile from New Ravenna ( Waves Glass ) and it's prompted me to completely rethink the colors of our lower level bathroom remodel. This tile is going to be on a feature wall behind a freestanding tub. It's going to be a chunk of change but I've decided to splurge a bit, something I rarely do. Sorry not to post the original plans but I'm on business travel this week with my iPad and short on time.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Genius Landscaping

When I first saw this it pretty much took my breath away. A half moon cut-out in an ilex hedge, pea gravel, a fountain, an incredible window- amazing. The genius behind this - landscape designer Joseph Cornetta. More images from Hamptons Cottages & Gardens here. Hope you have a great weekend - we're waiting for the sun to finally come out here.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I Bought, Found and Won this Summer

BOUGHT - Instead of "What I did this summer," I'm going with theme of what I bought, found and won. The fat little EGW & S 1920's tea pot with wicker handle was purchased in Marblehead for $38; turns out my husband's initials are engraved on the other side. I love how it looks next to my all-time favorite tea pot with lucite handles.
This Rum Carioca jug converted into a lamp was also $38, found in a Falls Church consignment shop. The book underneath it, Sleeping Spaces, was $10.
I've included this zig zag scarf ($18) and stone necklace ($65) because they were purchased in home design stores while in Atlanta, Acquisitions and Scout for the Home, which has a wonderful selection of jewelry. The vintage Dooney & Bourke purse ($64) has absolutely no connection to interior design but I bought it in a Beacon Hill consignment store and really, really like it!

FOUND - I found what I thought was the biggest piece of sea glass ever on a Marblehead beach back in July. I could barely contain myself and carefully placed it in my purse for the plane trip home. After weeks of hearing me remark on its size and how cool the "barnacles" were on it, my family had to break the news to me. It was a weathered piece of plastic w/some permanent glue stuff on it. Maybe not sea glass...but it's still pretty.

The feather was found right after I dropped off my son for 3 weeks of art camp. Many years ago I had made a collage with my son in mind and it included a blue feather just like this. I took it as a very good sign.

WON - These two wonderful, sculptural bee skeps from a recent Under Spanish Moss giveaway. It was a very generous giveaway and I was beyond thrilled to be the recipient of them. Here they are next to a chair in our family room. In addition to writing their blog, Renee and Angela have a wonderful online store, LaCaze, with unique lighting, architectural and garden elements, ironwork and home furnishings and accessories.
Still so sorry to see Summer slip away but at least I have these goodies and all the memories that came with them.

Friday, September 2, 2011

I Covet This

This may be the most wonderful campaign chest I've ever seen. It was once owned by Gloria Swanson and is now in the home of landscape designer Joseph Cornetta. The bedroom is pretty spectacular too. (photography by Peter Murdock) For more images go to Hamptons Cottages & Gardens here.

BTW, is it really September already? rrrrr! Next post - a review of all the stuff I bought & won (thank you Under Spanish Moss) this summer


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