Monday, December 30, 2013

DIY Coffered Ceiling

If you're like me, it's no fun to spend money earmarked for decorating on basic repairs like the water damage on this ceiling.  Unless, you can turn that necessary repair into an opportunity.  This room has the beginning of a stunning space with the formal moldings and inset recessed alcove but the blank, boring ceiling is doing nothing for the room.  If this were my house, I would embark on a DIY coffered ceiling made easy with Armstrong Residential Ceiling tiles.  Using traditional methods, this could be a challenging DIY carpentry project but with these ingenious drop panels you can get the look without all that effort.

My first choice would be a classic look using  Easy Elegance Coffer 24" x 24" panels in white.  Love the depth these create. 

Or I'd consider painting the room a rich, warm shade and choose these Shallow Coffer panels in black.

Another option would be panels that recreate the look of an antique tin ceiling.  I'm partial to the Metallaire Large Panel in Brass with their simple styling.

If this was your room, what would you do with that ceiling?

This post is sponsored by Armstrong. The opinions expressed are my own.


sydney85 said...

Love your first choice. The white looks very chic.

dervla kelly said...
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dervla kelly said...

oooh I'd love to do this in my own NYC apartment, i'm living with a popcorn ceiling that i hate at the moment. Wonder if it would lower my ceiling too much though? Thanks for the tips! Happy new year :)

cindy hattersley design said...

Hands down I would choose number 1 as it gives the most bang for the buck!!

home before dark said...

I have the dry wall ripped out, the source of the leak found, the mould taken care before I'd even begin to think about a "coverup". And, yes, I would be pissed having to take money out of my "pretty" fund to do that!!!

therelishedroost said...

Very cool DIY!!! Have a fantastic New Years!

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

I've never heard of those ceiling tiles! They would make DIYing a coffered ceiling infinitely easier. I'm with you... that ceiling needs some attention. Happy New Year!

P.S. Did you see the DIY coffered ceiling at Very impressive!

Custom Comforts said...

Think I would go for the first option, the white ceiling. Can hardly see the finished project.
Happy New Year.

Annapolady said...

I didn't know these existed! Wow, thanks.


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