Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fifi Flowers

Inspired by a picture of a Georgetown entry in my recent post on Formal Exteriors, Fifi Flowers created this beautiful painting. Love her vision better than the photo - hers includes a spot to sit and enjoy the setting! Head over to her site to see more of her wonderful and vibrant paintings.


Fifi Flowers said...

WOW! Thanks for featuring me!

pve design said...

ooh la la! tres chic.
love her interpretation and even better, no maintenance. off to mow the lawn!

Marnie said...

such fun to see the two blogs connect with photo and painting

MARIA said...
Hi look in here. I think the bath is swedish. Anyway, would also love to start my mornings like that.

Ludvigsdal said...

I just love Georgetown celebrated christmas there 2006. I just love the houses an the restaurants.
My son lived in Washington for a year. We had a lovely Chrismas with spring weather......and a lot of shopping. We lost a fortune at the rugby store and ocf course pottery barn. Kram Anette


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