Wednesday, April 8, 2015

DC Design House 2015: on par with Atlanta!

Yesterday was press day for the annual DC Design House and after moving through just a few rooms on the first floor I came to this conclusion:  this year's DC Design House is on par with the Atlanta show houses I've been to (and you know how much I love those)!  The home, located in McLean, VA and built by Artisan Builders and designed by Harrison Design, replicates an Old American Farmhouse with a scale and atmosphere not often seen in new construction today.  The home is filled with reclaimed wood and even stone salvaged from an old Virginia farmhouse.  Notice the antique fireplace mantle in the warm, serene living room designed by Annette Hannon.  The walls are wrapped in a three-dimensional, hand-embroidered silk wallcovering by Fromental that is stunning.  Wall and ceiling treatments are front and center in this show house and I'll be devoting a whole post to them.
Adjoining the living room is a a library in quarter sawn oak - again another high end detail that gives this house an established feel.  Michael Hampton created a haven that is both restful and interesting with a soft color palette accented by touches of earthy red throughout.  Subtle, cohesive details hint at chinoiserie and classic inspirations in an understated way.

The ottomans below are from Michael's new line for Salvations Architectural Furnishings.  Notice the inventive greek detailing in the foot of the legs - he was inspired by the idea of a never-ending line.
Michael Hampton for Salvations Architectural Furnishings. 

The house is also a balanced mix of neutrals and colors. In the Upper Gallery Christoper Nutter celebrates blue and white.

Courtney Cox an Alex Deringer of Ivy Lane created a beautiful guest bedroom with matching wallpaper and fabrics that is fresh and sophisticated - a wonderful reminder of just how gorgeous pink is when it's done right.   My image doesn't capture how glossy and beautiful these pink nightstands are.

Scott Cooke transformed his space with an incredible, vinyl textured wallpaper from Thibault that looks and feels like wood.  Inspired by the palette of Bill Blass, Scott brought in an antique bed and tea table and interior shutters, erasing any references to the fact that this is a newly built home.

I'll be doing another post on the details of both these bedrooms.

Christopher Patrick enveloped the master bedroom in a beautiful blue-charcoal color and added in a chic mix of furnishings and accents. Notice how the drapery treatment extends perfectly into the eaves of the vaulted ceiling, providing a seamless backdrop for the bed and light fixture.  My photos are reading a bit dark - not accurately capturing the light in the space.

This year the paint sponsor is Benjamin Moore and for the first time - EasyPaint.  EasyPaint donated their painting services to 11+ rooms .   When you read about their company you'll wonder why this wasn't around years ago.  You head over to their site, answer some quick questions, send in a few photos of your project and a starting time that works best for you.  They send back a quote within 24 hours, including the EasyPaint crew assigned to the project.  All their certified painters are insured, licensed, background checked and have at least 5 years of happy customers.  One of the rooms EasyPaint painted was this master bedroom and the quality is gorgeous.

Directly across from the bed is a sitting area with two chaises facing each other.

Iantha Carley created a family room that really functions in the way it's meant to - with comfortable seating and finishes that are both good looking and practical.  I love the rich color palette and touches of deep magenta-pink that keep the space fresh and fun.

Finally, check out the amazing dining room ceiling by Jeff Akseizer and Jamie Brown - clad in Birch poles brought in from Apsen!

There are so many more spaces - 28 in total - so there will be more posts in the future.  As always, the photos only go so far, you must visit to see it all in person!

The house is located at 956 Mackall Farms Lane in McLean, VA**  Don't trust your GPS** - Mackall Farms Lane is right off of Georgetown Pike.  For directions head here.
The DC Design House is open April 12 - May 10, tickets are $30 and the hours are:
Tuesday-Friday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m
NEW Thursday Evenings 5 to 8 p.m
Saturday-Sunday, 12 noon to 5 p.m
Closed Mondays
Must arrive one-half hour before closing time to take the tour.
All ticket proceeds benefit The Children's National Health System


Anonymous said...

What an amazing collection of rooms. I only wish I was in Atlanta to tour the home in person

Michael Hampton said...

Great seeing you yesterday! Thank you for sharing your lovely images!



My Notting Hill said...

Reviving Charm - Hi. It's in McLean VA, if that's closer to you.

columnist said...

The cherry blossom wallpaper placed asymmetrically works surprisingly well, with the quirky "Magritte" apple counterbalancing the other side of the chimneypiece. All very impressive, as you suggest.

Unknown said...

It was so fun going through the Design House with you and your pictures are great! Talk soon. xo Nancy

Mrs. AHB said...

Wonderful to see you on Tuesday. Thank you for covering the event and showing so many of the spaces.

therelishedroost said...

WOW what fun they look great!

My Notting Hill said...

Rajkot - spam comment: Really, what does the Design House have to do with Dentistry?


Wish I could come up and see in person:)


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