Monday, January 7, 2008

Since it's Monday...a look at inspiring work spaces

Elle Decor, Photography William Waldron, design Bruce Glickman and Wilson Teng

Elle Decor Jan/Feb 2008, photography Roger Davies, Designer Jennie Abbott

D Home, Mar/Apr 2007, photography Danny Piassick, designer Betty Sewell

D Home, Jul/Aug 2005, designer Rebecca Sherman

It's Monday - back to the work week. And, based on the traffic report I heard this morning, it seemed that for many people it was their first Monday back to work in 2008. It got me to thinking about the environment that surrounds us when we're working. To me each one of the spaces aboves evokes a different mood - hopefully it fits the person who uses this space to create, write, email, talk, etc. I momentarily thought I'd share a picture of my work space but then reality set in - that would necessitate a few too many hours of tidying up for the photo shoot! I mean after all, you can only cut the angle on a photo so tight. Uh oh, what does that say about my work environs? Now I have a new to-do - make home office space more peaceful and inspiring. Happy Monday.

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Michelle said...

bahhhhh.....I reeeeally need to work on my's sooo uninspiring.


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