Wednesday, February 20, 2008

And the Oscar goes to...House Beautiful

The March 2008 issue of House Beautiful - saw it on the stands - had to have it right then eventhough one would be coming in the mail shortly! This is one of the best issues of HB. I had my concerns a couple of years back when things started getting stale and then, under the leadership of a new editor, they switched to the interview style format. But now I'm smitten. This issue is better than a huge hunk of dark chocolate!

Design by David DeMattei and Patrick Wade, photography Jose Picayo

Design by David DeMattei and Patrick Wade, Photography Jose Picayo

Designer Kathryn Ireland, photography Victoria Pearson

Designer Kathryn Ireland, photography Victoria Pearson


Pigtown-Design said...

I love the interview format... it is so much better than just narrative.

Claudia said...

So funny you say that! Up until now, I had always thought of House beautiful as one of those more,hmmm, how should I put it, along the lines of Housekeeping.

But then last October they had that fabulous issue on Belgian style, and then I bought the February issue which has a great cover and all of a sudden I'm thinking this is a great magazine!

Have you also noticed that the price went up in the last couple of months? :-)

LondonCalling said...

Great minds think alike, or so they say. Bought this issue on the newstands and enjoyed it more than any other HB issue that I can remember.

My Notting Hill said...

PD - I've warmed up to the interview format - especially since they changed the font a while back.
Claudia - You're right about the price - I didn't catch that
LC - Now I"m really looking forward to the April issue to see what its like.

Soul Pretty said...

I love the rooms...I'm turn between painting my bedroom all white and going over the top with shabby chic comfort...or going totally bohemian with color and buddhas...I have more of the buddha them, but, I'm not sure which way to pictures are making lean towards the latter....

Be the change..... said...

How funny, I did the same thing; bought it before it came in the mail. The house with that chocolate brown living room couldn't wait another week to arrive before I read it!! It's in my clipping files! Now that H&G is gone, house beautiful really is coming into its own!


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