Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Young Blogging Design Couples

You know how it goes, a simple click leads to one blog and then to another and then to another...and then you're enamored. That's how I came upon the blogs of two design savvy, energetic, and young newlywed couples. They remind me of the fresh enthusiasm my husband and I had when we purchased our very first home. And did I mention that by young I mean in their 20's - as opposed to how old you are when you multiply 2 x 2 and add a 0 + at the end (something Dan and I are familiar with.) Plus, they blog together as couples! Check out their happy adventures and great design choices: The Newlywed Diaries (Building a marriage. Renovating a house.) and This Young House (one old house. two young people. plenty to do.)

Wes and Jennifer of The Newlywed Diaries

Antique venetian glass lamps found at an antique store. As Jennifer mentions, "I took them home on approval and announced to Wes that afternoon that, to his relief, I had taken care of his birthday present to me. I'm such a good wife."

Love her taste in coffee tables
Their adorable dog Maddie on the seagrass rug I'm guessing it's the same rug that was the subject of a feel good - happy karma story at Home Goods. Check it out on Day 240's post.

Winners of the Remodel, Blog and Win contest by Remodelingmyspace.com. John and Sherry of This Young House having fun celebrating their $5,000 win on their 5 month anniversary.

Their living room/dining room.

The den - check out their gallery so you can view the "before" pictures.

They created additional storage and a set -back feeling for their bed with curtain covered closets.

Great idea - using bamboo shades to cover the shelving and and Ikea frames covering the pipes and plumbing.


Kwana said...

Fun post. Thanks for introducing us to the blogs.

pve design said...

I remember falling in love with this blog and this couple. I love the energy, the passion, the hopes and the dreams. It's like watching a movie!

London Calling said...

I feel an affinity for them. Thanks for the heads up. I enjoyed this post.

Jennifer said...

Not sure how, but I am just seeing this! Thanks!!! :)


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