Monday, April 7, 2008

My friend's lovely living room

Three years ago my very good friend left the hustle of D.C. and moved back to her home state of Kentucky and into a truly gorgeous Southern style center hall colonial. Having met in 1990, we shared the experience of buying first houses and having our first babies within months of each other. Marta has always had wonderful taste, a great eye and the skill to pull it all together. I still remember her first living room with the cappucinno colored walls and the rasberry dining room. Her living room now features calm and restful blues and creams. Having had the happy pleasure to visit her house last year, I can say it is elegant and welcoming all at the same time. Just like it's owner!

Love the burnished gold coffee table and these gorgeous black painted nestled tables.
The abstract painting adds excitement to the design. Also check out the chair reflected in the mirrored screen - Marta reupholstered the pair of those with her son one day.

Elephant tables - whimsical and practical!


Kwana said...

Wow, she has wonderful taste. I love the chair in the mirror. Great pictures.

pve design said...

Soothing living room.
She must be a soothing friend too.
Lovely spot.

London Calling said...

Beautiful room. I'm working on a post about interiors viewed in the mirror so I am especially charmed by the chair in the mirror shot!!!

C+SK said...

Wow! What a wonderful room! Absolutely perfect and classy! :-)

blah said...

That mother of pearl inlay table is gorgeous !!

Mia said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by! What I was wrte was that lately I've fallen for the colour blue which I think looks beautiful in interior design and what I wrote about Nate was really that I think he's so yummy. Oprah was running in the background and he was on so I got inspired, but he's actually very good at what he does aswell. He's welcome to my house anytime, he wouldn't even have to decorate it!

I'm trying to redesign my blog a bit and when it's done I'll be writing in English too.

I live in London now even though I'm Swedish and apparently so do you, but you're amerincan right?

Be well/Mia

Jennifer said...

love that coffee table!


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