Friday, May 30, 2008

Colorful Couches

It's probably best to upholster a couch in a more neutral fabric and add color with less expensive and more readily changed accessories, such as pillows. However, I just adore these two George Sherlock sofas I first saw on Ruby Beets. Wouldn't they be the perfect antidote for a hard day?


corine said...

That periwinkle blue is to die for. I absolutely love it.

Fifi Flowers said...

Oooooh! They look so colourfully comfortably!

Marie Louise said...

Love both these colors and the style especially. I had a low and deep couch when I was living in London and loved it. It turned out to be too expensive to ship to the states. Just as well - I have a leather couch now that is very kid proof as you can wash it with a sponge!

pve design said...

Love colorful upholstery - my couch is green and when it first arrived from the upholsterer, I thought it was so bright, but now nearly 11 years later, I love it!
It was neutral before and showed everything. Color hides lots of spills and always makes me smile!
Both of those colors are cheery.

Kwana said...

Love the color. Shows a certain amount of bravery.

Kellogg Collection said...

Great blue sofa, prefect along a white sand beach hut.


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