Thursday, October 23, 2008

Interior Design for Your Car & Design House Pics

This past week I received an intriguing hear Sharon Gauci, Director of Design of General Motor's North America design studio, speak about interior car design, color and trim. For Australian readers you might be interested to know that Sharon was invited to serve on the core judging panel for the 2006 Australian Design Awards. This experience was a personal highlight for Sharon as she was the first female to be part of the core judging panel in 50 years of the award.

I was uncertain about attending but fortunately Annie of Bossy Color sent me an encouraging email. I'm happy that I went as Sharon's presentation was extremely interesting. Thank you! Plus, it was great fun to meet Annie too.

I had never given much thought to the process behind the interior design of cars but it was apparent after hearing Sharon speak that it is both a technical and artistic endeavor. Just as designers in fashion and interior decor forecast the new color and finish trends, so do forward thinking car designers. Each year GM introduces 22 new exterior colors and right now Sharon said they're creating the interior color and finish schemes for 2012! In tightening markets, color can can be a critical factor for a customer' s experience of the car. Let's just say after viewing GM's cocoa color scheme it left me feeling a bit sad for my own car's interior. At least there was a small bright spot - when I returned to my car the "check engine" light didn't turn on again as it had earlier in the week. (Maybe my car sensed my sadness and was trying to show some love?)

A perk of attending the GM event was the opportunity to take pics of The Washington Design Center's Fall 2008 Design House. The theme is Casa Couture and it's open through Dec. 13th.

Gentleman's Retreat by Wayne Breeden of E.Wayne Breeden

Love the detail and personalization this initial brings to the metal table. This is definitely a do-it-yourself possibility.

Entry foyer by Yveette Piaggio of Piaggio's Loft

Kitchen by Todd Martz of Todd Martz Interiors

Study by Pattie Gunter and Tami Hatch, Gunter-Hatch Design Group, LLC

Outside the Design House is a screen with running video featuring interviews with all the designers.

Living Room by Emily Bishop of Emily Bishop Interior Design, Inc.

Dining Room by Michelle Pilon of Michelle Pilon Interiors, Inc.

Bedroom by Michelle Miller of Jenkins Baer Associates

Blogspot why are my pics so small and why can't I enlarge them the way I used to?

Gentleman's Retreat by Wayne Breeden of E.Wayne Breeden

Another close-up of the table initial. Really like this.


hello gorgeous said...

I really like that, too. Beautiful.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The room with the red and blue pillows reminds me of Ingrid Bergman's London flat in the movie Indiscreet. Lovely.

pve design said...

wow, you really know how to get my engine started with lovely things! wish there were car colors like long ago, aqua and brown or deep wine with cream.
....and that painted monogram is very you, perhaps on that it complete?

Anonymous said...

I agree completely with PVE. In late 80s, car companies dropped their color options and offered four colors
black, graphite, light stone and tan. That's Three versions of gray, because the blacks were usually a very dark gray and one tan. My Great Aunt had the most spectacular 1971 Canary Yellow Coupe de Ville with RED leather interior. It was something to see. One of my favorite cars was my 1978 White Mercury Cougar with White vinyl top, white interior and red carpet and dash. Whatever happened to Navy leather interiors? I am so happy to see some more color choices in automobiles. As someone who spends over 200 hours a month in one...I won't buy a car with an ugly interior.

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

A post packed with a ton of candy! Going back to look again.

I worked for GM and was always intrigued (yawn) by the lack of color choice. Outside and in. Such constraints.

Kinda lovin' the warmth of the cocoa!

Unknown said...

Great pictures you have taken. Thanks for the tour!

Charlie said...

I love all the pictures but I must say I have to find myself an artist to monogram a few pieces I have. Like a beautiful butler's table and a neoclassical chest that could do with a little pizzazz. I love the monograms a lot! Thanks for the inspiration.

Annie, bossy color said...

What a great summary of the day, Michele! And thanks for the link - so great to finally meet you, too!

erikko said...

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Animal prints are ok as long as it isn't overdone.

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