Friday, October 31, 2008

Off to the Punkin Chunkin

Happy Halloween! Today I'm off to the 23rd Annual World Championship Punkin Chunkin! My husband, Dan, and our kids have been going for years - you see, Dan is a high school Physics teacher, and he likes building catapults. This year they've also entered the Theatrical Division and will be re-creating the battle scene in Braveheart. Should be fun!

Love this countertop. image via Bolig magazine


Marnie said...

we have a terrific catapult at our local farm - annually the catapult is a great hit at Ambler Farm day as pumpkins are launched into the fields - it looks medieval but is so much fun We also have apple sling shots and the kids try to hit archery targets - real old-fashioned fun -

Pigtown-Design said...

we don't bother going to the punkin chunkin... we go to a party the next week where we throw all of the used pumpkins off the 4th floor deck of the house!

Ana Balbinot said...

Im a fan of your blog, and today I posted my 100 post. I choose some beautiful images that I found in Blogland since I beggin my blog, and as your blog is one of my favorites, there is a picture from your blog. Please come to see. I will be glad with your visit and comment! Have a nice week!

Annie, bossy color said...

That countertop is beautiful! Isn't it funny that using the same material for cabinets and counter looks so fresh?

Charlie said...

Gorgeous cabinetry. I love the countertop and sink.

Anonymous said...



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