Friday, March 6, 2009

DC Designer Series: Vastu

There's something about the artful mixing of contemporary and traditional elements - it's sure to create memorable rooms. These memorable rooms are by the interior design firm Vastu and based on their work it's appropriate that their tag line is "An old name for a new way of living." Vastu, founded in 2002 by Jason Claire and Eric Kole, is also a furniture store located at 1829 14th Street NW - definitely worth visiting.

Love the serene colors in this living room designed by Jason - very peaceful - but it's the wall color of the dining room below that has me enthralled. Love it. The light fixture is not too shabby either! (all photography by Tim Bell of Tim Bell Photography, images posted with permission)

Love the wall color and the art -dreamy. Aren't those bedside light fixtures perfect in this design? (Designer Eric Kole)

A similar color appears in the furnishings of this library with the terrific floor-to-ceiling open shelving. Who could walk by this wall without grabbing a book or, at least, vowing to start reading more? (designer Jason Claire) A more traditional library setting is below. (designer Eric Kole)

I'm really liking the use of this color - it's a bit unexpected and very appealing. (designer Eric Kole for this room and the one below)
Who knew a corner could accomplish so much? Above there is a complete home office and below a corner becomes a very effective dining area with upholstered bench seating.

Eric Kole designed the foyer in this Ritz Carlton condo - simple, elegant with a bit of mod. Love the light fixture. Below is the dining room you see through the open door.

This streamlined bedding design is terrific. Really like the fabric selected for the headboard.

Vastu also has a blog, featuring more of their talented design team - you can check them out here.


Coffee with Cathy said...

I love the way color does the work here by making you feel the room. Thank you so much, as always, for sharing the inspiration.

Things That Inspire said...

Beautiful work - the first image is what captured my attention. As you said, such a peaceful room - to me, that is the ultimate goal in interior design, to create spaces that are peaceful and beautiful.

Michelle said...

Great firm, and great work! Very considered upholstery and lighting...lvoe thier look.

DesignTies said...

I really enjoyed scrolling through these photos and will definitely make my way over to Vatsu's blog! Off all the rooms, I think I liked the Ritz Carleton condo the best - I liked the dining room's orange and warm wood with white everywhere.
Victoria from EdinDesigns @ DesignTies

AnneHH said...

Love your concept of showcasing DC designers! Please keep them coming. When you find out who is doing this spring's DC Design House, it would be so fun for you to do a special feature on those designers so we could see their portfolios before we see the rooms they do for the showhouse. What do you think?

Charlie said...

I love the different shades of grey, taupe and coffee. I find it soothing and inviting. Love their work. Thanks for this post!

pve design said...

love that everything is so clean, pared down yet feels livable.

JMW said...

I adore the shelving - so wish I had a space like that.


great designss,especially the first photo is great

Annie, bossy color said...

Vastu is a fantastic place - especially for urban-scaled pieces - and Jason and his team are wonderful. Pro designers with a personal touch. My clients and I think the world of them.


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