Friday, May 15, 2009

Atlanta Encore! - Incredible Tablescapes

A return business trip to Atlanta was as exciting as my first visit back in February. I had a chance to visit Linda Horsley Antiques - and I'm not exagerating when I say this is the most inspirational antique store I've ever visited. They specialize in beautiful 17th, 18th, and 19th century period furniture and exquisite accessories. What is also exquisite is the incredible and unique tablescapes. This artful display of shells and coral on a silver tray, accompanied by antique books, is stunning. If you have a shell collection, instead of dispersing them around, consider following Linda's lead and locate them all in one place. I also love how Linda's selection of shells includes three shocks of deep pink, playing off the greys and creams.

Here this 18c gouache is accented by the choice of dried flora on the stacked books, beautifully contrasting against the polished wood bureau.
This 19c Swedish secretary was my favorite piece in the store. Love how only the left side door is opened, drawing your eye down to this whimisical little man perched on the chair. Standing in front of this secretary, with all the vintage papers in the cubby holes, I felt "drawn" into this time period.
The following image is from the Linda Horsley Antiques web site. An excellent picture for a prospective buyer - however I think it reinforces how much the tablescape brings out the mood of this period piece.

Incredible lamps and a simple tablescape balance each other nicely.

Forgive me for my repeated use of the word exquisite - but these four elements are perfectly connected to each other.
A shirred back French settee. The two middle pillows are stunning, comprised of vintage and new fabrics.

More is More! in this tablescape as it magnifies the pattern and color of this early 19c screen on rice paper. The fresh apple off to the side of the books is charming.
Coral unexpectedly emerges from the vases while flowers and fruit spring up from the handled dish.
Here I think the small detail of the three acorns is perfection, expecially since this all rests on a piece of rough fabric.
I couldn't imagine returning to Atlanta and not making time to wander through this gorgeous showroom again. I forgot to ask the name of the very gracious gentleman who let me linger and take pictures - thank you so much!


La Maison Fou said...

Just as great as the pics from the 1st trip to Atlanta! I love the Horsely shop!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

that secretary is AMAZING...and those blackamoore lamps....they make me CRAZY! I don't even want to ask what they cost. Just too too...too!

LindsB said...

That secretary is divine- all those little drawers and cubbies to put things in, that is an organizers dream!

ana said...

Amazing furniture!

Lee said...

All beautiful tablescapes & that 19th century rice paper screen is to die for! Lovely.

Laura Trevey said...

such a lovely blog! so glad i just found you!!

have a great weekend ~~

Janet K @ Manly Gallery said...

A beautiful blog, came through from Anna on Absolutely Beautiful Things, your posts are wonderful and I look forward to reading more - I'm just very new at this!

Hill Country House Girl said...

What an amazing place to wander through. I love the painted secretary - definitely my favorite, too, but everything is put together beautifully. Thanks for the tour!

SandyD said...

Linda Horsley is incredibly talented, creative, brilliant. I have purchased numerous exquisite pieces from her while she guided me through a total transformation of my house. I now cherish every room we've done and I delight in visiting her shop. There is always something I can't possibly live without!

Topsy Turvy said...

What a great shop - and so many wonderful vignettes!



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