Monday, November 23, 2009

The Voting is On! Velvet & Linen's Brickmaker's Table Giveaway

The voting starts today at 8 am for the fabulous Brickmaker's Table giveaway at Velvet & Linen! There are 10 terrific finalists to choose from and you have until Sunday November 29th at 8 am to cast your vote. One vote per person; the top 3 win. I was excited to be one of the bloggers who participated in the preliminary selection and am very curious to see if any of the 5 I voted for made their way into the top 10. Be sure to head over to Velvet & Linen to cast your vote!

Leading up to the announcement of the final 10, Brooke posted many of the 170 entries she received. The entry above is from James B and my first thought upon seeing it was "Who is this guy and does he have a blog?!" Well, Brooke gave me good news, he does! James has created a blog - Garvinweasel - to document the renovation of his antebellum farmhouse (c 1858) in the deep south. If you're as impressed with his creativity as I am, you'll be sure to become a fan of this new blogger.

To check out the details of the gorgeous giveaway coffee table from BoBo - click here.



Thanks...luv the table...

Greet said...

I have discovered the blog of James a while ago. And I love that blog!


Pat said...

1st... I saw Brooke's pictures of the could you narrow to 10?... there were so many worthy rooms.
2nd gavinweasel's blog thanks for the link.

Velvet and Linen said...

I'm so glad you showcased James' room. I loved the post he did about it. Although his room didn't make it as one of the ten finalists, I was so glad he entered because it introduced me to his wonderful blog!

Thank you Michelle for your help in selecting the 10 finalists. I feel very fortunate to have such supportive blogging friends!


Annie, bossy color said...

Michele, thanks for writing about this great contest! Great to be featured with you on today!

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

jamesxvi said...

Hello Michele,

Thank you so much for this entry!!! This came as a real surprise and has made my day.

You have such a beautiful and interesting blog here, I am honored that you featured my bale of hay and plan to come back for a visit often.

Wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Marigold said...

James' room is creative! The picture is well taken too.


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