Monday, December 7, 2009

The One that Got Away & the One that Didn't!

When I first saw this chair at Vicky's Yard Sale my heart started palpitating. I loved it and at $75 it was an incredible bargain -- I missed getting it by minutes to some other savvy shopper! (it still hurts...)
However, this little Moderne Art Deco gem found its home with me! To say I admire this silver plated teapot is an understatement. It is the object of my love. Family and friends can attest to this. I've made my husband and children hold it and then ask leading questions like, "Tell me what you love about this beautiful little teapot?" In full disclosure, I have done this more than once! I rather like how it looks paired with my YSL book I won from Little Augury.
Here it sits on my $5 neoclassical coffee table that I bought at an estate sale and have since cleaned, polished and, for $65, replaced the missing glass top. One of my best finds to date.
I had friends over for a post-wreath making luncheon this past Friday and these flowers were the center piece. The foilage w/the dark berries are from my backyard and the cute green pot was a giveaway from Mitchell & Gold at last year's Domino Book Party. (what a difference a year makes)
If you're looking for unique gifts for the home, head over to Vicky's Yard Sale. Right now one of her items for sale is this vintage powder horn w/brass accents for $25. I found out about Vicky's terrific site a few months ago from Christian who happens to also have great finds at Maison21 Marketplace.
(These are my personal recommendations and I receive no form of compensation for them.)


Shannon said...

Sorry to hear about the one that got away, but good to see you managed to score something quite lovely in its place.

Don't you ust love the thrill of the hunt? :-)


Victoria of design my life said...

The teapot is beautiful! I also LOVE that coffee table! Great combo with the nickel and brass. I am in the market for something very similar for my living room, (a similar price would be great too)!

Vicky's Yard Sale said...

I'm glad you are still enjoying that teapot! That table though is divine, good work!

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

I can certainly feel your pain over the chair, but also share your admiration for the teapot. And the table...well, I think it goes without saying you hit the jackpot! Lovely!!

CRICKET said...

The shape is divine and the beading detail adds a nice little pop and then the very unexpected handle just makes the whole piece well - wonderful!

Lona de Anna said... def scored yourself some beaut little bargains the glass coffee table..just stunning. x

pve design said...

You have a wonderful eye.
Love your finds, even the one that got away....

Style Redux 2 said...

Thanks for the head's up on Vicky's Yard Sale.

MzMannerz said...

Your five dollar table is a gem gem gem!!! And love the teapot, too. :)

Lauren said...

oh my gosh THAT CHAIR. MY heart hurts!!

love how beautiful your coffee table looks with all of your carefully curated items. just gorgeous. those berries!!!

ps- i SO do that too- I fish for compliments from dave about decorative purchases hahaha


and can't wait to check out vicky's yards sale!!

DesignTies said...

You paid FIVE DOLLARS for that table?!!? OMG, YES, that is most definitely a best find!!

Your little silver teapot is really pretty and unique :-) It looks great on your awesome table :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Windlost said...

Love your teapot. Funny what strikes our fancy. It is very chic but that coffee table is double gorgeous.

xo Terri

Carol said...

I love to read your blog and couldn't help letting you know that I am the guilty party who purchased the chair from Vicki's yardsale. Like you, my heart started palpitating when I saw it. I am an interior design addict who loves a great bargain and likes to fix up pieces just as you do. Thank you for sharing so many great ideas with your readers!

My Notting Hill said...

Carol - WOW- it's a small world that you found my blog and the post about this chair. If you read this I'd love you to send a pic if in your place. I'm glad it's found a good home with a fellow design addict!

The Down East Dilettante said...

This post just caught up with me, and by golly, I'm palpitating too.....I would never get over missing a Michael Taylor chair of such style. Not for the rest of my days. What a chair.

Michael said...

My former boss, Steven Volpe in San Francisco, designed those chairs for Michael Taylor! I would have had a heart attack too and beaten the buyer over the head with something to get it!! $75!!! What a bargain!


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