Saturday, February 28, 2009

Atlanta Part 3: South of Market

Color, color and more color plus+ some of the most inventive lighting I've seen makes for great shopping at South of Market. For those DIY's, there are tons of ideas for creating your own lighting as well. Located at 345 Peachtree Hills Ave it's just a short drive from Max & Co. This store really put me in the mood for spring!!

Check out these cool basket pendant lights.

A seriously gorgeous green "can" makes for an inventive and interesting fixture. Love the aged finish on this piece.

Woven wood panels on the wall
Industrial lighting above. Below - thick glass jars turned into pendant lanterns.

I fought Blogger on this next picture and gave up - for the life of me I don't know why it wants to be sideways. These fixtures remind me of old fashioned cake molds - wouldn't they be great in a laundry room, office or play room?

Pretty grays and creams.

Basket lights - fun!

A seriously huge concave mirror - the photos are a bit blurry - love the blues and greens.

A bit of outdoor seating - a great shape for conversation. Thanks for all the comments and the additonal suggestions for shops in Atlanta. I also visited Pieces and Circa Lighting, which were great. I'm heading back in May so I've created a whole new list of places to check out.

Hopefully when I fly in next time it will be better weather. I meant to mention in my first post that we landed the night Georgia had 10 tornadoes! We circled the airport for 1 1/2 hours and were about to be diverted to Tennessee when they reopened the airport.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Atlanta Part 2 - Interiors Market

A kind tip (and a hand drawn map) from one of Max & Co's designers led me to Interiors Market on Bennett Street - one more reason to love the home design scene in Atlanta.

Imagine a very large space, organized into room vignettes full of unique pieces in a range of styles and prices - that's Interiors Market.

You could literally spend a half-day here, especially since owners James and Milton are so friendly. Can't beat the fire for added ambiance either.

Love these seashell boxes from France.

This lamp was one of my favorites pieces - the finish is gorgeous.

James pointed out this 18c French turin as one of the exceptional pieces they currently have available.

Really loved the color of these urns.

A stylish gentlemen's retreat full of very interesting pieces. I didn't notice the large jar in the corner below until this picture.

Here are dining chairs that were featured in an issue of Traditional Home - (April 2008 if I'm remembering it correctly.)

Colorful abstract art and white sculptural pieces strike a great look. The couch below is by Nancy Corzine.

If you're in Atlanta, or close for that matter, be sure to make time to visit Interiors Market. One more post from Atlanta coming up - featuring unique lighting and vibrant colors.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Atlanta aka Design Heaven: Part 1

Atlanta = Design Heaven. My very first visit to this city did not disappoint and how could it when my first stop was Max & Co, the sister store of Mrs. Howard. The first picture is of my favorite room - an oval shaped library located in the center of the second floor of this 3-story store. This photo doesn't do this room justice - below are a few pictures from the store's website (slightly different decor) that give you a better sense of the room.

Isnt' the detailing of this mantle incredible? Do you think I could convince my husband to spend his summer vacation whittling me a replica of this??

The image above is via the store's site. Notice the change to the current decor below. I prefer the brown sofa, the striped pillows and the white, non-patterned chairs.
Here's a close-up of the wall treatment. When you first walk in it looks like they are ceramic tiles. Instead they are painted on what appears to be a faux tile panelled fiberboard - something that is akin to sheets of bead board panelling and probably available at a Lowes or Home Depot. Ingenious idea!

This room is on the first floor to the right of the stair well. Very lovely. (images from the store's site) I bought something on the blue end table - will plan to photograph it in my house and post it.
Lastly, here is a striking bedroom w/the dark ink walls and terrific fabrics. I also visited Mrs. Howard, a gorgeous store in its own right, but for me Max & Co was the real show stealer. As you probably have read on other blogs, the stores now have their own blog so we can all virtually visit what's new and changing - Mrs. Howard Personal Shopper. Looking forward to going back in May!

Part 2 of my Atlanta posts will be on the incredible Interiors Market - my camera behaved much better there and I have a ton of pics to post.


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