Thursday, June 23, 2011

Guest Post at My Little Happy Place!

Maybe you remember these Nate Berkus stools I bought in February for only $119 each? Well, the credit all goes to Alison of My Little Happy Place. I've never posted about where I ended up placing them but am so happy that my post about them is while guest posting for My Little Happy Place. Hope you'll head over here to check it out. Thanks Alison!


Karena said...

Hi Michele I am heading right over!


Art by Karena

Emom said...

smiles.....thank you!

notcathy said...

Wow, that was great.. Looking forward to your updates.. By the way the Berkus stool is great. I thought it was a Pocket Chair. Thanks!

Erica said...

Looking forward to your updates! Have a lovely weekend!

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Blog_Commenting_Service said...

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Hello Lover... said...

I was so sad when I went to hsn when you originally bought these and they were sold out! What a great purchase!


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