Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stores in Atlanta - new to me

Luckily when I'm on business travel my day ends at 4 pm, giving me just enough time to fit in a design store or two before they close. This trip instead of going to my usual places, I visited 3 stores I'd never been to before. First up was a visit to Anthony|Wolfe in Buckhead. Love the wide fabric stripe on these upholstered chairs and the pairing of this warm, deep yellow with the earthy gray.
No, this is not an amazing giant door knocker but actually a disability grip bar! I wish I had taken a picture of the whole door because that would have given a better sense of how amazing this looked.

Great light fixture
At Scout For The Home I really admired the curvy shape and narrow depth of these bedside tables. Isn't the finish nice too?
These paintings are by a local artist who uses coffee to create her works.

Edison style bulbs paired with an iron and wood chandelier.

In my last post w/the picture of the amazing periwinkle nunnery doors, I mentioned Sherry of Design Indulgence gave me a heads up about Redefined in West Midtown, which is perfect as it's right on the way to the airport. The finish and look of this black screen is very classic.

Like many bookstores that feature "picks" from their staff, Redefined does the same with home decor. This great wood piece was a favorite of Tracy's.
Love this Derby winner but what really drew me in was scale and dimensions of this narrow console table.

I'll be back in Atlanta in August and should be able to spend a few hours at Scott's before flying home. Looking forward to that.


Unknown said...

Great find! I must know about that grab bar! I design bathrooms all the time and the baby boomers are requesting nice looking grab bars in their big showers. It's gorgeous....and I don't say that about grab bars very often!

Anonymous said...

oh! your pictures are truly beautiful - just wanted to drop by and say so....we also get to visit new places while traveling/travelling on business and it's such a delightful adventure.

will stop by again. happy travels.


Teresa Hatfield ~ Splendid Sass said...

These stores would signal danger for me! They are very close and I would spend way too much money!
Stunning images. I love the first room. The lamp and the gray table are so beautiful.
I am going to try to make the black screen.
Thank you for sharing, Michele.

under spanish moss said...

How beautiful! What great stores. We will take one of everything! Going to travel through Atlanta soon and going to check them out!

debra @ 5th and state said...

i also love your business trips!

when last in atlanta marija and i went crazy for that curvy end table at that shop. still think about it and wonder who the mfgr. is

Windlost said...

Gorgeous finds! Love them all. Wish I lived in Atlanta!! Though maybe not in summer. xo Terri

Nancy @ dream it ... build it! said...

Oh, la la- that black screen is stunning! The lacquered look is so in.

Unknown said...

Love Atlanta and haven't been there in ages. Love seeing what you found. I think it's time for me to visit my cousin in Hotlanta!!

xo Elizabeth

A Perfect Gray said...

wonderful look, michelle. atl is about 3 hours away for me but makes me wanna hop in the car and go...donna

Renée Finberg said...

i think you may know how i would love to the horse with the roses.

gorgeous shop!


Anonymous said...

The coffee art is my favorite, beautiful stuff!
--Jessica & Holly

Caroline Simms said...

Coffee as a creative! I love the wood and iron chandelier. Beautiful finds!


I am so glad you were able to get to those places...I had forgotten about Scout. I must make a list of all my fav places for you so that way I won't forget! Hopefully we can meet up in August.

quintessence said...

Loving your new finds!! That fabulous first image is my favorite!!

Erica said...

Your pictures are truly beautiful!

San Diego Mobile Notary

red ticking said...

i love shopping in atlanta... they totally get it...i love that wooden chandelier...i should have had you pick it up for me (he he)

wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend.... happy 4th!


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