Saturday, July 9, 2011

Off to Boston

I'm headed to Boston to bring my son, a rising high school senior, to Montserrat Art College for a pre-college summer program. Imagine 3 weeks of making art only a few blocks from the beach. We'll miss him terribly but I think he's going to be in heaven.

This heavenly Beacon Hill window was taken by Deborah of the wonderful blog, Boxwood Terrace. Hands down it's one of my favorite original images from the blogging world in 2010. During this trip I'll also be squeezing in a Sunday afternoon visit to Marblehead, a day trip to Cape Cod to see my parents on Monday, work on Tuesday and then a flight out that night. Busy but then again, how can't you be full of energy when you're in New England in the summer time.

Hope you're having a great weekend.


mosaicology said...

beautiful it typical architecture?boston sounds intriguing.never been to the usa.

Maggie said...

Any idea where on Beacon Hill you can find this lovely sculpture? It would be great to see it in person.


I love Marblehead...I had a friend who lived there and it is just such a quaint New England town! I am sure you will get some good pictures there and I imagine there are some great stores!

pve design said...

How fun! On one of your drives you must stop by and visit! Our home is under renovation....but we would be happy to see you and your artist!

under spanish moss said...

What a great opportunity for your son. Enjoy your event filled trip. Safe travels. Angela and Renee

Teresa Hatfield said...

I know that your son will enjoy his visit. You have fun too, Michele!

Anonymous said...

That is awesome for him.


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