Tuesday, September 6, 2011

What I Bought, Found and Won this Summer

BOUGHT - Instead of "What I did this summer," I'm going with theme of what I bought, found and won. The fat little EGW & S 1920's tea pot with wicker handle was purchased in Marblehead for $38; turns out my husband's initials are engraved on the other side. I love how it looks next to my all-time favorite tea pot with lucite handles.
This Rum Carioca jug converted into a lamp was also $38, found in a Falls Church consignment shop. The book underneath it, Sleeping Spaces, was $10.
I've included this zig zag scarf ($18) and stone necklace ($65) because they were purchased in home design stores while in Atlanta, Acquisitions and Scout for the Home, which has a wonderful selection of jewelry. The vintage Dooney & Bourke purse ($64) has absolutely no connection to interior design but I bought it in a Beacon Hill consignment store and really, really like it!

FOUND - I found what I thought was the biggest piece of sea glass ever on a Marblehead beach back in July. I could barely contain myself and carefully placed it in my purse for the plane trip home. After weeks of hearing me remark on its size and how cool the "barnacles" were on it, my family had to break the news to me. It was a weathered piece of plastic w/some permanent glue stuff on it. Maybe not sea glass...but it's still pretty.

The feather was found right after I dropped off my son for 3 weeks of art camp. Many years ago I had made a collage with my son in mind and it included a blue feather just like this. I took it as a very good sign.

WON - These two wonderful, sculptural bee skeps from a recent Under Spanish Moss giveaway. It was a very generous giveaway and I was beyond thrilled to be the recipient of them. Here they are next to a chair in our family room. In addition to writing their blog, Renee and Angela have a wonderful online store, LaCaze, with unique lighting, architectural and garden elements, ironwork and home furnishings and accessories.
Still so sorry to see Summer slip away but at least I have these goodies and all the memories that came with them.


Annie Pazoo said...

A wonderful collection! (and: I'd have fallen for the sea "glass" too).
Also love the pillow and throw on the white chair. Any recommendations for where to find similar?

Karena said...

Michele too cute about the sea glass. That is why I could not be an antiques appraiser, ha!! Who knows what I would come up with.

I hope you will come and enter my Fashion Giveaway from Fresh Produce.


Art by Karena

pve design said...

Inspiring collection of "bought, found and won" - which by the way would make a much better show than 'hoarders" - I can feel the love of all your pretty items.
That plastic sea glass and feather are truly priceless.
All your finds are treasures and lucky to have found their way into your heart and home.

Ann said...

That's so funny! It still looks like sea glass, though. (So there!)

The bee skeps are wonderful!

designchic said...

What a wonderful Summer...adore the bee skeps you won!!

under spanish moss said...

Michele, you found so many great treasures this summer and at great prices. Love the teapot, seaglass and necklace. We are so happy that you are enjoying the bee skeps and hope they bring you enjoyment for years to come.
Angela and Renee

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

Such a pretty collection of things! Love that feather and those bee skeps.

Sami Felmet said...

I like your favorite teapot also. Love beading. The handbag is spot on. Certainly no one could argue about the interesting design and texture of your "beach glass". It's the right color, for goodness sake!! That's a feather was left for you by a blue jay.

Sami from Pontifical.s Porch

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Great finds, Michele, and the bee skeps are gorgeous. I love Renee and Angela's shop!
Have a nice evening.

bingata744 said...

I LOVE the "chubby" pots. What a great shape! And the one with the wicker handle is absolutly amazing. Such a great find and a great way to display them.

Carla@DesignintheWoods said...

Love your bee skeps from Under Spanish Moss. I have some seaglass and that is a beautiful piece! I also love that Dooney and Bourke. Jealous!


Good buys, good finds, and good wins!!! Looks like you scored this summer....


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