Friday, April 6, 2012

I Want This

I want this, the necklace that is. (Although the figurine is quite fine too.) Saw this while window shopping a few weeks ago in Beacon Hill. My photo doesn't do justice to the quality of the large green stone end piece.

This weekend I'm finishing painting the kitchen. You may remember the last time I mentioned the kitchen it was a few days before 34 people came for Thanksgiving dinner. Well, this go around it's only 7 for an Easter Sunday gathering. If you look at it from my perspective, that's an improvement!


Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Beautiful necklace, Michele.
Can't wait tree you pictures. I am sure is will be beautiful.
Happy Easter.

Tricia Rose said...

Life size?

A Perfect Gray said...

oh, best of luck with your kitchen! happy easter...donna

Nancy said...

ohhh, I want that necklace, too!
Happy Easter

pve design said...

"Happiness is not in wanting all we want it is in wanting all we have" - I love that necklace and the figurine is pretty smashing.....if you don't get it - I know of someone who could make it, Julie Lorusso of Monkey Grass Hill.

Loi Thai, Tone on Tone said...

When you are done painting the kitchen, can you come over to help us paint our basement? :-) Very best for Easter!! Loi

NotesFromAbroad said...

Me too ! I'll have to arm wrestle you for it :)
you will win, I have wimpy arms.
It is really pretty.

Ideezine said...

Lovely addition of a necklace to one adornment collection. Happy Easter Weekend!

Carla Aston said...

Oh, yes! Gorgeous necklace. Good luck with your painting and Easter dinner, hope you have a lovely day!

balfourray said...
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