Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Small Town Charm

Shots from our recent trip to upstate New York - not the NYC version of upstate but the real Upstate :) In this case, the Thousand Islands where you can get a large, soft serve Black Raspberry (not to be confused with blackberry) for only $2.69.  I LOVE central and upstate NY xoxo  Hope you're having a great summer and have a chance to spend it someplace you love!

Sackets Harbor 

Wellesley Island 

Wolfe Island CA


Sauro Smith said...
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NotesFromAbroad said...

Wow, you really were up north! I live in Upstate NY .. Chatham. It is really such an amazing state with so much beauty.

Karena Albert said...

So lovely and idyllic Michele!! I love upstate New york in the Fall as well!

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