Friday, February 12, 2016

Fresh Traditional

For a fresh take on traditional design it's hard to be a the work of mother and daughter designers Suzanne and Lauren McGrath of McGrath II.  They seem to find a way to add just a few twists to classic decor to create enough tension to keep things interesting.  For example, imagine the room above without the leopard on the seat cushions or the 70's inspired coffee table or the room below without the modern art  or mismatched side tables. 

If you don't already have their book, considering adding it to your collection.  I find I'm pulling out my copy pretty regularly - whether its for tips on sizing for a rug under a dining room table or inspiration for creating symmetry and balance in a room.  Big plus - right now Amazon has it on sale for about $21.


Cindy Hattersley said...

Oh no another book I need to purchase! I love their work thanks for showcasing them. I am off to check out their portfolio they are right up my alley!!

sharon smith said...

This was just what I needed to read today. I love the fresh traditional look using pieces with age in a current way. Beautiful rooms!!!
The House of Hampton


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