Monday, May 2, 2016

Kitchen Demo Has Begun!

The final phase of our never ending long-running renovation has begun!  Flashback to July 25, 2011 (yes…2011) when my husband began the process of transforming our 1950's L shaped kitchen to a larger and more usable space by relocating the stairs from the kitchen to the the former narrow dining room.    At that point, we just moved around existing cabinets in the kitchen and enjoyed the larger size as we were occupied with remodeling the lower level with a larger bathroom, two bedrooms and tv area.  (Finally wrapping up the decorating of that completed space so I'll be posting pics in early summer.)  Now it's time to finish the kitchen by:

- ripping out the peninsula that separated the kitchen and family room and housed the gas cooktop
- installing a 48" Bluestar gas range on the wall that backs to the new dining room/library
- relocating the fridge
- widening the opening between the former dining area to make the space even more open
- adding an island (not shown in this plan)

Here's the view from the family room in to the kitchen. The doorway to the far right goes out to the hall/stairwell area.  The 48" range will be centered on the wall where you see the old fridge cabinet. The fridge will go where those white cabinets are now.

Here's the view from the stairwell/hall area  looking in to the kitchen.  This wall, where the temporarily relocated cabinets (w/ no legs) are now, will be cut back to create a 6' or so opening.  Eventually, I'm thinking about having built-in in bookshelves installed here to make this hallway area more usable.

This is the other side of that wall.  Now only 1' will extend past where you see the old fridge cabinet. Oh, by the way, there's some of my extensive vintage aluminum tray collection that I've never gotten around to blogging about, lol.

Finally, here's the view from the dining room/library though the kitchen to the family room with the former peninsula demolished. Love how the space feels even more open and connected now!   The existing floors - which were not flush with all the other floors - are being ripped out and replaced with hardwood that will be at the same level as the family room and hall/living room.  Really looking forward to that!

I'll keep you posted over the next two months because we've got a real deadline - my daughter's high school graduation party!!!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

oh congrats on the start!! It will be painful (it always is) but you'll forget the pain once it's done :-)

Anne Hardock said...

Photos are so exciting to see!! Congratulations!

sharon smith said...

OMG I'm so happy to read about this and not have it be me! I can live through you!!! Keep posting because I'm so enjoying it. For the record, I love the tray collection on the wall and would love to hear more.
Thanks for the sharing!


Tracy Morris said...

Love seeing the PROCESS! Great progress so far!


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