Saturday, January 26, 2008

Contemplating Concrete

It's time for the pepto-bismol pink & black 1950's master bath to go! There's an overdue bathroom renovation in our future (near or distant future, depending on if you're talking to me or my husband.) The idea of using concrete is very appealing to me and these images have caught my eye.

sink by Concrete Concepts & Design for Smith & Hawken in Mill Valley, CA. it's so sculptural.

love this finish. sink by BNS Fabrications in Desoto, MO

more industrial than I'm looking for but I love the extended ledge. by Stone Soup Concrete

side-by-side trough sink by Stone Soup Concrete

ingenious towel bar by Liquid Stone Designs

In terms of color, I'm interested in something reminiscent of sand, although concrete can be made in a range of beautiful colors. First three color examples from Concrete Concepts and Design. Second two from Buddy Rhodes:

hand trowel finish by Buddy Rhodes

integrated sink in wet bar by Stone Soup Concrete

impressive island by Stone Soup Concrete
integrated trivet and drainboard by Concrete Habitat
concrete can look classic. counters above and below by Concrete Canvas

you couldn't do that with granite or marble. this inventive counter by Pourfolio Custom Concrete

Concrete counters are custom crafted and can be created to reveal a uniform, highly polished look or a rustic, more industrial feel. Three terms related to finish pop-up: towel, ground or pressed. Like marble and granite, concrete can stain and needs to be treated to protect its finish. I love the warm look and feel of concrete and have noticed it appearing in retail stores. It's Concrete, based in Hayward, CA, has a great FAQ page, with an overview of the fabrication process too. O.K. - I think working on this blog has just about convinced me to go with concrete! I'd love to hear if you have any opinions on or experiences with concrete counters.
Additional sources:
Buddy Rhodes concrete trained artisans
Cheng Concrete Exchange
Concrete Network


justimagine said...

Hi Notting Hill

Thank you for dropping into my blog.

I have tagged you, I really hope you don't mind (I'm only new to blogging)....please see my 'I've been tagged' on my blog.


Carolina Eclectic said...

I serendipitously, found your blog today. I just wanted to say that I love the idea of concrete counter tops. The colors and finish you can get are like nothing else.

House & Life said...

I'm starting to like concrete more and more. Less "Soprano-esque" than granite!


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