Sunday, January 27, 2008

I've been tagged

by Just Imagine, a great new blog. Now, for seven random things about me.
1. I was born in Greenbay, WI. When I was an infant I spit-up on coach Vince Lombardi
2. I have more bad hair days than good, especially in August
3. Dancing makes me happy
4. I still like to listen to Reo Speedwagon, I know...
5. I was once moved to tears watching Dorothy Hamill do a scratch spin. Absolutely perfect.
6. I didn't know about Etsy until last month and now I'm on the slippery slope of an Etsy addiction
7. My favorite meal is a lobster roll and a slice of key lime pie

Speaking of Etsy, the image below is from Annette Mangseth, an artist from Norway. You can find her work at Carambatack Design.

The next thing to do is to tag 7 others but I'll have to do that when I get back from Seattle & Denver. This weekend I learned that optimism + procrastination are a bad combo. Note to self - do not wait till Sunday morning to sew a pirate shirt with ruffles and a lined vest for your son's Monday dress rehearsal.


justimagine said...

Hello, Thanks so much for joining in the "tag team". I am also an etsy addict, although I haven't seen this artist yet....thanks for the link !!

Mélanie said...

I've just discovered your blog but great to read more about you


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