Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kitchen love

Southern Accents, designer Suzanne Kasler, photography by Trio Giovan
Southern Accents, designer Jenny Peters, photography by Tria Giovan
D Home, designer Julio Quinones - love the bench & cafe table in this kitchen
image via Desire to Inspire
Design,Inc. season one, designer Sarah Richardson
Image via Cottage Living
Amanda Prior via Desire to Inspire
House Beautiful March 2008 - just had to post this photo one more time
Image via PointClickHome - love this butler pantry
Living etc. September 2007 - I really like this idea


j u s t i m a g i n e said...

That is just the most gorgeous tone of blue in the first photo.....just lovely !

pve design said...

Who needs food when you have a kitchen like those.
All really sparkly, white and right.
Love that first one too.

Homer's Odd Isn't He said...

While the design by Jenny Peter's is so clean, so Italian and perfect, I wonder about all that wasted shelf space.Where are the real utensils needed for making a great meal? How about a stack of plates to eat of?

Alkemie said...

Great selection of photos! I really like the mint green French doors in one of the photos. That last photo - Brocade Home offers a shadowboxed frame very similar to it.


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Oh these first 2 kitchens are lovely lovely lovely:-)

Jennifer said...


L-O-V-E that Susanne Kasler kitchen. Have you seen the rest of that showhouse? Ah-mazing.

Kwana said...

Oh these kitchens are just de-lish! I gasped at the first photo.

My Notting Hill said...

I love the first kitchen too. Homer's odd - I think Jenny Peter's kitchen is lovely but I know what you mean - if it was mine it would definitely not look as pristine. Jenny - I'll have to check out that showhouse. Thanks for all the comments everyone and Alkemie for the tip about the frame!

LondonCalling said...

All great shots! I really like the one from Southern Accents and the House Beautiful one from last month. Yum.

simply seleta said...

First of all, so glad I found your site via PVE! I'm adding you to my list of dandy daily reads...

The brick: white is your best bet if you would like a clean, neutral and seamless visual grouping, which will make your desk pop as a nice focal point. Also, the white will unify the brick and shelves therefore making that wall seem more expanded and less "choppy".

Chocolate will cause a visual separation from your great shelves, making the wall seem more "broken up". I'm a big believer in visually expanding a space with creams and whites then adding punches of color and fun with personal accessories and art.

For what it's worth, there's my two cents. Post pics when you're done! :-)

Anonymous said...


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