Saturday, May 24, 2008

Copper Bath Sources - U.S. & Sweden

Thanks to Jennifer at Washington Spaces Blog and Maria at Gardiner & Draperier for leaving sources for copper baths in the previous post's comments. Thought I would share them with you, as well as recommend that you check out their wonderful blogs.

Washington Spaces Blog is a recent edition to the website of D.C. area magazine, Washington Spaces. Prior to joining Washington Spaces a few months ago, Jennifer edited a magazine for HGTV and contributed to HGTV's "Design Happens" blog. Although she recently started this blog, it is already full of great posts featuring terrific products and resources.

Maria mentioned that the copper bath featured in the last post is actually Swedish and is 18,000 kroner - $3,000 U.S. It makes me think of the travel/buy a car deals that Saab and Volvo offer - wouldn't it be great if there were those deals for copper baths and other design products? (My husband quickly pointed out the flaw in my reasoning - you can't travel in a bath tub. I replied, "I know, I would just soak in it every day in my vacation rental timber house." At that point, he slowly backed away.) Also, be sure to check out Maria's website -, - you will find gorgeous curtain rods, iron beds, chandeliers, and candleholders.

Serentity 27 Aquatic Whirlpools - suggested by Jennifer

Nordiskakaminer Kopparbadkar - suggested by Maria

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MARIA said...

Hi and lots of thanks for the mention! If you will by any chance enter a tub like that please let me know about the experience and I promise I will do the same.
It is still on my dreamlist. Close to an open fire, serene music and a glass of champagne.

Thanks Maria


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