Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Danish Bath to Envy

Love, love this bath. It's located in a timber house in Denmark and featured in the terrific design magazine Bolig (recently posted about by Made by Girl) Now I think I have a greater appreciation of the word sybaritic - furnishing gratification to the senses. Imagine starting off your day here every morning!

image via Bolig magazine

image via Bolig magazine

image via Bolig magazine


pve design said...

my heart literally just went right down that copper drain. whoo-hee!

LondonCalling said...

Holy cow!! Wow.

Jennifer Sergent said...

here's where you can get one:

Jennifer Sergent said...

Sorry, I don't think that link worked. Go to the Aquatic Web site and search for the Serenity 27.

MARIA said...
Look in here, I think the bath is swedish. Approx. 18.000Skr = $3000
A catch! Who wouldn't like a morning in this one?


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