Friday, October 10, 2008

Visiting Twig House

Twig House is only open one morning a week, Thursdays from 9:30am - 12:30 pm, but it's worth the wait.
Items vary week-to-week and people in the know get there right on time to snap up unique pieces at great prices. (My friend Trish introduced me to this store years ago.)
I arrived at 9:45 and drooled over the furniture being carried out the door. Wish I could have photographed those pieces but I guess I wasn't in a "stalking mood" - what's wrong with me!
In today's economic climate, you can especially appreciate the desire to restore and resurrect great design. If you can't make it there Thursday mornings, you can always head over to The Old Lucketts Store Antiques in Lucket, VA for more great stuff.

Love this Italianate chest - cute and w/lots of attitude.

This chair was $65. Wouldn't it be cute in a kid/teens bedroom or tucked into a reading corner? I'd leave the upholstery as is and just make covers for the arms.

The embossed, large sized leather book was $10.

Click on these pics for a larger image.

Bird prints above only $5 a piece

Twig House, 132 Maple Avenue E, Vienna, VA


Pigtown*Design said...

LOVE Luckett's store!

Capegirl said...

Wish it were close to me. I adore bird prints.

LindsB said...

Is that leaf platter the same one Eddie Ross has from Spode? It's so pretty!

That place looks so cool, and I love that its only open one day a week- wish it was close to me too.

Anonymous said...

$5 apiece for those great bird prints? FRAMED? fantastic!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Ten dollars for that leather book??? Drat. Wish I had been there.

pve design said...

In spite of the economy, I would have dropped a bundle there. But of course, you always find such great beauty in everything so I would ask for your guidance! I do love that orange chair and those eggs too.

My Notting Hill said...

Lindsb - The leaf platter was marked Spode and if I remember correctly it was $15. Thanks for all the comments - if you're ever here in the DC area on a Thursday morning it's worth it. Or, as Pigtown Design mentioned you can head out into the VA country-side and visit Lucketts.

Pascale said...

Il y a de vrai trésors dans cette boutique!


Visual Vamp said...

Oooo I would just love to get twiggy with it!
xo xo

Maureen Reynolds said...

I can see making a VA visit one week. (esp as there are grandchicks to see over there besides!)

teaorwine said...

So glad to hear that Twig House will be open again on Thursday mornings. I was last told that it was appt. only or visit the corner shop in Lucketts. I have made a number of unique purchases here, all at reasonable pricing.

Lynne said...

This looks like exactly my kind of store.


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