Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Sea Captain's House

A very popular post from last year was Things That Inspire's virtual home. She just posted her Virtual Home 2009 with a gorgeous entry way from one of her favorite stores in Atlanta, Mrs. Howard. (see last picture of this post) Atlanta is on my mind as I'll be going there for the very first time in Feb. on a business trip. First thing I did was to mapquest how far my hotel will be from this store - 3.23 miles!

A visit to this talented designer's site left me in total love with the Sea Captain's House. (All images from Designer Phoebe Howard's site. The photography is terrific and I'm sorry I don't have the photographer's name.)

Beautiful, beautiful murals on the wall.

I keep returning to rooms and objects with this luscious green color. It's starting to rival my love of blue.

Here's the entry way from Things That Inspire's 2009 Virtual Home. So pretty. And, a huge thank you to her for including me in her favorite posts list of 2008! She happened to like one of my personal favorite posts last year called "Busted" along with "Faulkner's 14 Rules."


Things That Inspire said...

Wow, I popped over to see the Sea Captain's House, and was surprised to see my blog mentioned!

Mrs. Howard is a must visit in Atlanta, and just a few doors down is Max & Company, which is a little less traditional, a little more casual, and just as wonderful. It is also owned and designed by Phoebe and Jim Howard. Both stores are set up like the most elegant townhouse...three stories, full architectural details such as beautiful floors, stairs, fireplaces. You are in for a treat!

Also worth visiting (in the same complex) is Timothy Tew, one of my favorite art galleries; Edgar Reeves, a wonderful lighting store; and Parc Monceau, which has the most interesting collection of antiques. Happy shopping!

Renée Finberg said...

hi sweetness,

i just came from 'things that inspire', it was fabulous , and a killer to boot !

i love this captains house.
it makes me want to be back in maine.

my very best to you

karlene said...

Oh, my favorites, the murals and the bathroom at the end. Love them. thank you.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am crazy about the tiny center painting on the bathroom vanity. Just lovely.

Windlost said...

I really love that blue bathroom - just so different for some reason! I am a blue lover. I keep wanting to love green and have crushes on it and decide I like it better than blue. Until I see blue again in some amazing room and realize "why am I comparing them?" Green will never be blue, but it is a color of amazing possibilities and I find it much easier.

xo Terri

Visual Vamp said...

What a beautiful house!
All that blue and green is so refreshing.
Wishing you a very happy New Year, and looking forward to your posts in 2009!
xo xo

Charlie said...

Wow...Love the house! The attic kitchen painted in that wonderful Georgian green is so unexpected and wonderful. I adore blue and green together it is so fresh and crisp. I wish I was back in Atlanta and able to visit Mrs. Howard, fab, Fab shop! Sigh...I am a little homesick again:-)

Jennifer said...

a very pretty house! it was photographed by Roger Davies for the July-August 2008 issue of Southern Accents, but now that I'm looking at it, I don't think these are his photos after all -- oh well! fun to see some rooms that weren't published with the story, though.

Fiona Cartolina said...

Oh my my - I love that blue mural on the walls.
Happy New Year Michele!

Michelle said...

I am in love with blue again..and am a sucker for a nautical reference :)

Great post!

simply seleta said...

You're FIRST trip to Atlanta?! You'll love it!!! My home town. Be sure and hit "Pieces" in Buckhead too. Great store. Very pricey, but fun to look in.

Great restaurants:

Prime [in Lenox mall, a hop and a skip from Anthro]
Murphy's in Virginia Highland [fab breakfast and fabulous boutique shopping]
Buckhead Diner [a must!!! Order the "blue chips"]

I could go on and on. But trust me on Buckhead Diner!!!

Can't wait to hear all about it!

simply seleta said...
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Soul Pretty said...

...when I look at the blue sitting room, it makes me happy...sigh?

Anonymous said...


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