Friday, March 12, 2010

Kelley Proxmire's Lobby Reno & the Ones to Watch awards.

Update: Thank you to Judith, with Kelley Proxmire Interior Design, for letting me know they recently posted these images. I was having camera problems and these images are so much better. (images posted with permission) You can also see in these photos the custom black sisal rug with the shiny red border - love that. Last night I attended the Washington Design Center's first "Ones to Watch" award and also had a chance to see the recent lobby renovation by Kelley Proxmire. Periodically the design center invites a designer to transform the space and Kelley's signature style infuses the entry with vibrant, contrasting red and black. My camera was behaving very badly last night - so many of these images fail to capture the crisp, fresh look of the space.
A bit of fun - the WDC monogram for the Washington Design Center.
The artwork on either side of the armoire are commissioned pieces from artist Kevin Chadwick.
Kelley used mirror, glass and metal accents throughout the space. I love the focal point created by the framed mirror panels with the roman shade. A series of beautiful black and gold cherry blossom paintings (a nod to spring in DC) bring down the very high ceilings to a more intimate scale.
Four X-base stools were underneath the glass center table. Kelley has a terrific eye for detail - I always fall in love with her trim choices.

Back to the "Ones to Watch" awards and celebration party. Twelve designers were chosen, including Liz Levin of Liz Levin Interiors. Here she is with friends Stuart and Katherine to her left and Associate Designer Heather Safferstone to her right. Congratulations to fellow blogger Annie Elliott of Bossy Color, who was also nominated along with Shanon Munn of Ambi Design Studio, Inc. who I featured, along with Liz Levin, in this post last year. A full listing of the nominees is available here.
It was a fun evening out - eventhough I mistakenly parked in a Tow Away Zone, got a $100 ticket and had to wander the streets to find my car! A sincere thank you to the Design Center receptionist and security guard for all your above-and-beyond efforts to help me! (my apologies for not having your names to give you proper credit)


JeanetteS said...

How wonderful to have seen the lobby in person and to witness the recognition of great up-and-coming designers.

I'm sorry to hear about your parking ticket. At least it wasn't a moving violation.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Picture of Elegance said...

I was at the Washington design center a couple of days ago... the lobby was spectacular.

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Wow what a fun event. The lobby looks great.

So sorry to hear you had parking issues! That's never any fun.

Linda at Lime in the Coconut! said...

Dayum....sorry about the car. Ouch.

But the evening looked fun. The lobby looks fab!

erica@ moth design+luxe life said...

Nothing better than a lobby that doesn't look commercial and actually looks really inviting.
Thanks for sharing... and have a great weekend!

The Zhush said...

Despite your car nightmare, sounds like a great night. Her choices for the lobby look terrific!

Susie @ Maddie's Nest said...

It really does look great. Thanks for sharing. I've been sick and haven't made it to any of the events at the Design Center this week. Sorry about your car, too. I've had that happen and it is extremely frustrating to locate where they've desposited your car....mine ended up on a median on Pennsylvania a few years ago.....and it took hours to find it! Have a great weekend.

proud mama LL said...

Thanks for sharing the great photo of us! We didn't have a full LLI team photo. Enjoyed catching up with you and look forward to connecting again soon! Sorry about the parking fiasco!

Anonymous said...

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