Saturday, March 13, 2010

Makeover Winner & Something Very "More"

You may remember the generous giveaway Debra of 5th and State offered last month - an exterior makeover of your home. Debra invited myself, Lauren of Pure Style Home and Deborah of Boxwood Terrace to be the judges. Debra had narrowed down the choices to 10 and the winner is Gay of Michigan! At the time, Debra only shared the photos with us but here is a little more about Gay's story:
"We purchased this house in September 2009 after we found out my husband has leukemia. With the chemo we needed to simplify our lives. This 100+ year old Plain Jane does nothing for us on the outside. I would love to see a porch, plantings for birds, and an interesting landscape in winter..... Color? I am open. Personally I am drawn to an urban country style, more hip and updated."

As Debra began to work with Gay, more of her story unfolded. Here is the "more" in Debra's own words:

"But something else has developed that I did not expect, something profound that could be life changing. Her darling husband needs a bone marrow transplant and there are no matches in the data base, not even his children...A curse I possess..........well, maybe a that I am a "fixer". Always wanting to jump in and help, to fix, to make-better. And you know what? Maybe I can and maybe YOU can too...As the blogging community we can spread the word and REALLY help...
Joining the National Bone Marrow Registry. Go here to look up and to sign up. I did and it took 10 minutes of my time. You can offer to donate or for free they will send you a test kit containing a swab to rub inside your cheek of which you return.
And...........imagine the magic if we found a match......the best "giveaway" ever. Are you in?
Blessings, Debra"


Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

what a fantastic initiative!

Ragland Hill Social by Gwen Driscoll said...

I posted for Debra today too. I hope they have a good outcome. Hope you are well. Have missed talking with you.


Marija said...

I knew this would move other people, too. I'm glad to see you did a post as well. I'm excited to be meeting people in a community that care about aesthetics and beauty but put family and life above all else. Have a great week. Marija

kanishk said...

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