Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Can You Mix Metal Finishes in a Bath?

For the new, larger remodeled bathroom in our lower level I'm considering:
Color: BM Mysterious AF-565
Tiles: Using the large white ceramic tiles I already have (8 x 6) for the wet room area which will have a white stand-alone tub and shower.
I"m leaning towards a natural brass for the faucet (color similar to this bracelet) but I'm not sure I want to use brass for the shower and tub fixtures. The wet area will be visible from the vanity.

Can you mix metals in a bathroom?
If so, any advice you would give?


pve design said...

If anyone can, I would say you can mix metal finishes.
I think since they are both seen, it might be tricky, but perhaps a frame with both elements or a fixture that has both might tie them together.

Hartwood Roses said...

I think mixing metals is a lot like mixing patterns. Having a different finish on the faucet can be used as a feature, especialy if the sink and vanity are just as special as the faucet, as long as the other finishes don't clash horribly with it. I'm not sure about natural brass with the cool tones of chrome, but it could be great with warmer nickel or ORB.

under spanish moss said...

THAT poses a very interesting question…depends on if its aged (patina) metals. You do see it in European bathrooms but all aged or mixed in equal parts of new. Can not wait to see what comes out!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
Renee and Angela

Ashley said...

Something tells me you, of all people, can pull it off successfully. I adore the dark paint you've adds such a mood!

Capella Kincheloe Interior Design said...

Yes! You could also get two-toned hardware for the vanity to help the transition. For the Atlanta Christmas House Master Bath I used a polished nickel faucet with brass hinges and brass/nickel pulls. Looked beautiful!

Sherry said...

Oh I love Under Spanish moss's reply. Yes, if all aged; for example oil rubbed bronze and brushed nickle which looks like pewter. And, yes if shiny brass with shiny chrome. When you mix shiny with aged it seems to loose something.

for the love of a house said...

Since I mixed finishes in my kitchen I would say yes! I love the idea of aged brass, what would you put with it? I think and oiled bronze would be beautiful. I think the mixing it gives it a feeling of having been done over time which is (can be;) nice! Love all the choices so far!


p.s. I wanted a brass faucet for the barn room, but couldn't find one I could afford;) with the right spread (it's an antique marble top), so I eneded up getting a "living finish"- it looks like oiled bronze now but because it doesn't have a protective coating on it it will "wear" to the solid brass underneath it where it gets used/handled. Of course, I want it to do that now so will probably try to figure out how I can "help" that along;)

ArchitectDesign™ said...

Hmm -i would try not to mix finishes on plumbing fixtures if it were me. I think it's fine if the doorknob or something doesn't match -but I like consistency in fixtures.

Windlost said...

I like consistency in the fixtures in a bathroom also. If you want to bring in different metals, I would do it in accessories, like a pretty metal bowl or other objet, that can be moved in or out.

But if you are mixing, I would definitely keep aged finishes with other aged finishes. One thing I do is try to keep things in the same colour family (dark with dark and light with light). I use aged silver with shiny nickel, for example, or iron with oil-rubbed bronze, then they are all dark notes, or all silver notes.

Some people are capable mix masters, but not me!! I tend to try to stick with the same colour family or old-looking with old-looking.

Good luck....
xo Terri

pve design said...

Funny, now all I see are mixed metals....brass with chrome, yes you can. Now show us how you do it.

Renée Finberg said...

i do.
i try and find a focal piece in the bathroom with both in or on it.

like a huge accessorie with both.

quintessence said...

I think you can definitely mix metals - as long as it's done in a thoughtful stylish way which you are more than capable of accomplishing!! Love unlacquered brass. I did brass for my butler's pantry faucets and loved it!!

Picture of Elegance said...

I would use the same metal finish for a unified look.You can use a a silver framed mirror to add interest.


I absolutely think you can brave! I am going to wear white pants after labor day :)

alison@MyLittleHappyPlace said...

I think there is total freedom to mix metals. However, it's tricky. The brass in the bracelet is perfect, and I can't imagine anything more sublime than that deep, rich wall color you've picked matched with natural brass.

Tradition Matters said...

I agree with Stefan, I wouldn't mix finishes on your fittings, shiny or aged. But you don't have to stick with the same finish for towels bars, hooks and lighting but it should compliment each other.

Unlacquered brass fittings are wonderful if left unpolished to age. Is that what you mean by natural brass?

LM Thompson

Amy Hamilton said...

This is really interesting information about metal finishing! I have never thought of it in these ways!

John Green said...

Thank you for sharing your information on metal finishing! It was super helpful in all my research! I think now I want to start doing it myself.

Mia Hart said...

I would definitely think that it is okay to mix the different metal finishing's. It actually would look quite nice.

Earl Judds said... can definitely mix metal finishing in a bath. I would love to see you do it. Can you post pictures of it afterwards?


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