Sunday, July 31, 2011

Looking Up

Thing are looking up. 3 weeks ago I dropped Ryan off at art camp - now he's coming home! He came right out and said he's ready to go to college now. I guess I have a year to get ready.
Today's the last day of July, so sorry to see it go. I wish I could live 12 months of July, it's my absolute favorite month. This July has been particularly wonderful; each day felt like forever, just like when I was a kid.
Images are of the Beverly, MA Public Library, near Montserrat College.


Karena said...

Really beautiful Michele and I am so excited for your son!!

Our July has been sweltering!! No break seen soon!


Art by Karena

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TSL said...

Absolute congrats on your son, well done. Secondly, I feel the same way about the entire summer as you do July, I feel like a kid again, especially if I pull out my bike and go for a ride. Continued happiness in all things Ryan, and summer!

Unknown said...

That ceiling is incredible!!! Congratulations for your son. Have a wonderful last month of summer!

Jessie said...

Love the detail you captured - I might have trouble focusing on a book in that space.

Your son and my daughter are at the same stage. She wants to hit the accelerator; I'm going for the brakes. Enjoy your homecoming!

AnneHH said...

So glad that Ryan had a great time and feels ready! Love this post -- your photos are beautiful. Thank you for celebrating this historic building with all of its glorious details!!
Also agree about July!! Don't like the heat as much as you do but then you have a pool! ;)

Windlost said...

I took a little time off this summer, just to stay at home. I have never had more than one week at home in 16 yrs when I didn't go anywhere. I loved it. It was like being a kid again with that long warm summer ahead. Loved it.

May is my favorite month.

xo Terri

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Such pretty imges.
That is great that your son has decided he is ready to go!
The sky is the limit, right?!
That's terrific.

I love July more than any other month too. I think the heat has made this one seem longer than years past and that is just fine with me!

under spanish moss said...

Dear Michele,

We love the month of July and are sadly reminded that school supplies have began to appear in the stores and school routine is about to come full swing.

We are so excited that Ryan is back, however as you just reminded us soon our children will leave the nest.
How quickly they grow and how we should slow down and just enjoy the time we have. Enjoy the home reunion!
Hope you had a rested weekend!

Renee and Angela

Jilly said...

Michele, it is really beautiful and awesome photographs. Those detail you captured is wonderful. Well, I like to appreciate for celebrating this historic building with all of its glorious details.
transport and distribution Scotland

designchic said...

What a gorgeous ceiling...breathtaking!! Always hard to let your children go, but as mothers, we wouldn't want it any other way. Glad he had fun!

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post! Things are looking up!!!
Good for you and your son, finding one's way is always challenging, but arriving at decisions so rewarding. Feeling a call is surely a sign of growing up!
Hope he will be successful at every thing he does!
I am visiting Savannah right now and I am myself filled with beautiful things all around!
SCAD is a major force here!

Ann said...

I love to look up when we are traveling- amazing architecture and paintings are to be seen. And often in the most unexpected places!

The Single Nester said...

That is some public library!


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