Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Photo Murals - Raji Radhakrishnan's Debut at Kips Bay

DC Designer Raji Radhakrishan's debut at the Kips Bay Show House has been greeted with well-deserved accolades - it's a sophisticated and elegant space. Along with the incredible pearl-like Venetian wall finish and the artful selection of accessories, there are two prominently featured wall murals. The first is a photograph Raji took herself of a painting by Pierre-Paul Prud’hon, which currently hangs at The Met. Isn't that an amazing and creative idea to photograph a favorite work of art hanging in a museum?! (Image above by Trevor Tondro of The New York Times)
(Image above by Marco Ricco)
The second mural, a photograph also by Raji of the King’s Chapel in Versailles, is centered over a fireplace mantel originally designed by Sir John Soane. To see more of Raji's room you can go to my full post on Washingtonian Open House Blog here.


Ann said...

Wow! Those murals are lovely and eye-catchers.

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

that looks amazing! and i dont even like murals :)

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

I can remember running across this idea a few months ago and thinking it brilliantly effective. It was a full wall of a close-up of a 17th century woman with a taffeta dress and bodice and I can't find a wall here for it! I thought the idea was fabulous and kudos to Raji's showhouse room. She is hugely talented. XO

alpha sudirman said...

woww great post good luck..
toko busana muslim

Aspiring Kennedy said...

that painting over the fireplace is STUNNING. i am bookmarking this for my someday house... which i don't think i have ever done before for home design. seriously, my dream! xo

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

Love her work, and I am headed over now. Thank you for sharing, Michele.
Happy Tuesday.

Ann said...

Hi Michele,

I am so glad you gave attention to Raji's stunning room. I had the chance to visit Kips Bay last week and it was my favorite room. I posted more pics of the room in my review, with a close up of the painting above the fireplace.

The Venetian plaster was subtle, but amazing.

classic • casual • home said...

How beautiful!

Kerry @ Design du Monde said...

I am loving oversized photos lately.

pretty pink tulips said...

Raj was in the room when we were touring. So approachable and knowledgable. Her murals really are stunning....a wonderful way to get an old world look and blend it into a more modern interior.

Loved her space!
~ Elizabeth

Renée Finberg said...

i don't normally go in for murals...
but this example is stupendous!

quite every bit glamorous.


katiedid said...

WOW! Love it! I am trying to get this look at my own house. Not as easy as it looks.


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