Friday, January 18, 2013

Gearing Up for Green and White

Thanks to everyone who commented and encouraged me to go ahead and paint my dining room Farrow & Ball Calke Green.  I'll be starting Sunday am - after my son heads back to college in Boston.  I've gotten quite used to having him home again so it will be good to have something to accomplish.  Although this green isn't quite the same shade, I love it paired with all this white.  Images found via stylist  Katrine Martenen-Larsen, photography by Stuart McIntyre, more images here.


Hartwood Roses said...

I totally relate. It's great to have them home ... and almost as great to shoo them out the door and get something accomplished ... especially something as wonderful as your green room is going to be. F&B has such wonderful colors, and you chose a super one!

Allison Carra said...

Delicious color choice, good luck with the transformation. -Al

pve design said...

I know of which you speak. Both of my boys are back to college and I have a few projects that I can now sink my teeth into. The green will be gorgeous and I know your son will have some wonderful art to hang on them thar walls of green!
Happy painting!

April said...

For years, I had a moss-green library and loved it. So restful. I regretted repainting it gray, when gray was 'in'.

Green, from the palest moss to the rich depth of a forest, can never be wrong. Good luck. Can't wait to see the results.

April, Just Verte Style

Windlost said...

I have those same photos saved for the green walls!

I cannot wait to see your room. You must share the photos and more than just a tiny snippet - we need to see whole walls!!!!! :)

Have you worked with F&B paints before? Let me know how it goes as I am planning to use their Slipper Satin in my TV room.

xo Terri

Grant K. Gibson said...

I love the color.
Can't wait to see the results!


Loretta Fontaine (APPLESandRUBIES) said...

Michelle- I think the green you choose is lovely - just the little sample on the wall you showed in an earlier post had a glow emanating from it. Such a complex green!

I heard the F&B paint have an amazing finish - please tell us all about it!

I have samples of blue on my windowseat addition walls now - tints of Benjamin Moore Yarmouth Blue (but done in Mythic non-toxic paints - they can match shades!)

Can't wait to see the room!


christina @ greige said...

Thanks goe atopping by the blog yesterday! I love the green, cannot wait to see the outcome. I am always afraid to commit to a real color in my own home, which I think is just a job hazard.

Have a great weekend.

Best, Christina

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

This is exciting!!! I love green.

After my son went back to school I washed all the slipcovers and started redoing our guest room...amazing how every thing is staying so clean...but we do miss our boys!

Sarah K said...

Beautiful shade of green. Cant wait to see the final product.

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I can remember the headmaster at my daughter's school telling us that after leaving our little angels behind, we would go home and tear our houses up and redo everything. He was so correct, and I find that I do the same thing every time Angela goes back to school, lol.
I can't wait to see everything!
Happy Monday.

therelishedroost said...

That is such a fabulous shade of green very clean and sharp so classic! I especially love it with the crisp white trim! I cannot wait to see your redo!!'xo Karolyn

Bohdan Nykon said...

I can just think about your home, what a beautiful home, green color is very suitable and looking very neet and clean. its a good combination of green and white furniture. i am also trying online furniture shopping. like that but i am facing very difficulty because all the furniture is very expansive.


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