Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Visit Inside Downton Abbey - Scottish Style!!

Remember the last episode of Downton Abbey when the Grantham family and their staff traveled up north to the home of their cousins, the Marquess and Marchioness of Flintshire in their Scottish home, Duneagle Castle?   Well that mythical castle is actually Inveraray Castle, the ancestral home of the Duke of Argyll, Chief of the Clan Campbell.  Now, imagine my sheer delight when we arrived in Inveraray for the last night of our trip to discover the Duchess had chosen to open the castle before the traditional April 1st date!   (A few days before I had checked and the website hadn't been updated yet.)  I was practically skipping up the drive to buy my ticket, much to the amusement of my husband and daughter :)

Can I say that this was one of the top highlights from our my trip!!  Really, it was thrilling both because it was such an impressive estate that is still used by the 13th Duke and his young family and because it had been touched by Downton Abbey Royalty!

The entry hall - a gorgeous yellow

Looking into Armoury Hall

It soars 21 metres high and is the highest ceiling in Scotland.  It is so impressive.

A hip flame stitch on these antique chairs.

This wicker basket added to the "realness" of the space that had two flanking fireplaces.

Looking up

Remember the dining room scene with the bagpiper?

The State Dining Room, complete with a photo of the Dowager Countess!

The Tapestry Drawing Room

The China Turret

The Saloon.  See that bench w/out the rope?  I sat on it - yes, it made me feel special.

Upstairs. You really felt like you were walking through someone's home, albeit grand, especially when you noticed the doors marked private.

The MacArthur Room - said to be haunted.

The tour included a stroll through the gardens as well. 

If you ever get a chance to visit, absolutely go!!  Not only is the castle impressive, but the tea room and cafe are top notch.  It was there I finally found the tartan blanket I had been seeking the whole trip. Here's the view from the stairwell as you enter to the tea room where Lord and Lady Grantham are at the ready to greet you...Can you tell I love that show?

Images from ITV Series via Inveraray Castle here.  All other images by My Notting Hill.


Anonymous said...

Everything looks so fresh and I love that warm yellow. I pinned the photo with the bell jar. I'm a fan and enjoy seeing what gets 'saved' in them. But...I thought this castle had a moat. Where did I hear that?

Love it. Thank you so much from someone who will never go in person.


Jennifer Sergent said...

You lucky duck!! I'm just as obsessed with D.A. and loved looking into the background of those scenes in Scotland. Of course, it only makes me think about Matthew's untimely demise, but that is so cool you saw the castle! Thanks for sharing.

Kerry Steele- Design du Monde said...

I can feel the giddy joy in this post. It is a fantastic looking place and I would have skipped too!

katiedid said...

OOOOooo! Beautiful! You are one lucky lady!

Anne Hardock said...

SOOO jealous!! I would have been skipping, too! How wonderful that they opened early once they heard you and your family would be in town! ;)

Please post lots more about your trip and your other favorite "bits."

Pat said...

What bonnie good luck to find it open! We love DA here, one of the boys wowed his " girlfriend's" mom by telling her it's his favorite tv show. He's 11. :)

vicki archer said...

It's so beautiful!...looking at the ceiling in the's stunning!...And so lovely to see as I am also a huge fan of Downton!...Thank you for sharing...xv

Debra Phillips said...

oh my oh my, what a visual seduction. show us your blanket michele!

Bethany [at] Powell Brower Home said...

Michele! OMG - what a trip and sight! this is where SHRIMPIE lived? LOL. looking forward to seeing you next week!

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I'm so jealous! what a fabulous vacation and this is really the cherry on top! We are moving to Georgetown and look forward to hearing more about it in person when we have a bbq housewarming this summer -hope you guys can make it!

pve design said...

I love your images from your visit. I felt as if I were traveling with you, Scottish Style.

deana sidney said...

Isn't it a blast to visit a Downton house or any other movie location? There is something so exciting about
seeing the real place that you've seen on screen.

You've done a marvelous job showing us around and I love that you got in early. The best tours are the least attended. You get to do more and ask more when you are with just a few people. That's the best thing about going slightly off-season.

Carla Aston said...

Yeah! So glad for the peek! I love the way the arms are displayed. Just stunning.

Dovecote Decor said...

Fabulous!! Thank you so much for the tour of this amazing castle. They never fail to take my breath away, and that yellow in the hall set off by the geometry of the arms is breathtaking.

HRH The Duchess of State said...

Great tour dahhling... it made me smile to read the excitement you felt during your visit, it came across on your post!

Teresa at Splendid Sass said...

I know that you had a wonderful time. These images are stunning, so I can't imagine being there.
Thank you for sharing.

Mary Ann at classic•casual•home said...

I was saving reading your post until Sunday night (right now) as I knew it would fill the Downton Abbey void.

Thank you so much...such a fun trip to be on with you!!!

laney said...

...oh i loved this...thank you so much for sharing your trip with us...did you by any chance watch the bbc program "monarch of the glen"...filmed in the highlands?...another wonderful house/castle...but a very different one!...enjoy your blog so much...blessings laney

laney said...

...oh i loved this...thank you so much for sharing your trip with us...did you by any chance watch the bbc program "monarch of the glen"...filmed in the highlands?...another wonderful house/castle...but a very different one!...enjoy your blog so much...blessings laney

Joni Webb said...

wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! incredible!!!! you are sooo lucky! i am seriously jealous.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

How have I missed this castle. I just scolded the Scottish husband that we need to shake a leg and visit there soon. Michelle I too would have been skipping up the driveway. The fact they opened it early in time for you to visit means it was meant to be. When I visit I'll think of you and thanks for sharing your great photos. So many we visit ban use of photography and of course I always get caught sneaking a few!
Cheers ~ Deb


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