Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ikea Discontinues Akurum Kitchen - Hello Sektion

Have you heard? Ikea is discontinuing the AKURUM cabinets that have been around since 1995 and switching over to their new system, SEKTION, starting Feb 2, 2015.  I'm thinking Sektion is slightly easier to pronounce than Akurum, so that's good.  What's the difference?  Ikea says that Sektion is a more modular system which will offer new opportunities to use the interior space inside each cabinet. Looks like the wall mounting rail will also be used on the base cabinets, not just the uppers,  and their will be a new system for integrated lighting.

Now for the big question - Is the new system compatible with Akurum? No, and Ikea goes on to say if you want to add to your AKURUM kitchen or purchase replacement parts (that wouldn’t be covered by the warranty), you should do that by February 1, 2015. IKEA will continue to honor the 25 year limited warranty on AKURUM kitchens.

So what are the new cabinets going to look like?  They haven't released any photos of Sektion that I've seen but here are some pics of  Metod - a new system that's been available in Europe for the last year+ and said to be  a good indicator of what Sektion will be like. From what I can see, it looks pretty good.

The integrated lighting

Yesterday was Week 4 of Linda's  One Room Challenge and these bloggers are turning out some amazing rooms!  Can't wait for the reveals.  Be sure to check out the ORC Linking Event too!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

I had never seen an ikea kitchen installed until recently (my best friend in NYC used their cabinets with more high end appliances from elsewhere) and I was shocked at how good the quality was. I mean -not custom quality but definitely good quality that the average home owner would hope for. When we do the wetbar in the basement family room in Georgetown this winter I'm looking at doing it with all IKEA cabinets.

Studio Yuko Jones said...

Oh I love that one in the second photo, with pale-grayish natural wood. I might try to convince my husband to do this for our kitchen instead of painting our old cabinets (not the best quality anyway...) Thank you for sharing this xx


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