Thursday, November 20, 2014

Why Did I Pin That?

Once and a while I  revisit my pinterest ideas file and try to remember what the heck I was thinking when I pinned something.  The amazing cake above is created from crepes. My husband makes amazing crepes and I can do the lemon mascarpone filling part so I think I've found Christmas eve desert :)  (pin via honestly yum)

Love the idea of turning a table perpendicular to the wall - am currently trying that out in my family room right now.  (pin via the sixth duke)

This was a reminder to get rid of the shutters in my master bedroom and hang white drapes behind the bed and change the window drapes to white too.  Ordered some a few days ago. (pin via House Beautiful)

Just thought this was amazingly creative - mirrors on the side to extend the feeling of surround windows. pinterest from New York Social Diary

Do you revisit your ideas file every once and a while too?  Have to admit, there are some pins that I just can't figure out why I pinned them in the first place!


ArchitectDesign™ said...

Yes, I revisit my pins once in awhile -it's like looking at a glorious magazine where everything is your favorite! However once in awhile I'll be like 'why did I pin THIS?' in horror. It's so easy to hit the 'pin' button.....too easy sometimes!

Katherine said...

I go back through my pins often and sometimes edit out. Some of the boards are referred to because of projects I'm working on. I love that we can access the pin boards anywhere - so helpful when doing a reno project.
I also wander through the boards of some of the pinners I follow. Sometimes there are things that pertain to things I'm working on now.

Karena Albert said...

Michele, I mostly pin from my fabulous blog friends sites! I may have to do some editing, in general I love what I Pin!

The Arts by Karena

Annapolady said...

That cake is amazing. And yes - I definitely have pins that make me wonder what I was thinking!

Segreto Finishes said...

Great blog topic - I should be revisiting my own boards soon and maybe I'll remember something great I intended to do!! The crepe cake looks so good!!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

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Yuko Jones said...

Well, I do have many pins like that. I think I pin way too many too (obsessed)! The crepe cake looks fantastic. Does your husband use a cast iron crepe pan to make crepes?


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