Thursday, February 5, 2015

Custom Memory Pillows - Huger Embroidery!

I had the immense good fortune of being contacted by Sarah Gibson Wiley of Huger Embroidery.  A former interior designer, Sarah now pours her artistic talent and love of embroidery into creating beautiful custom pieces for her clients.   She transforms artwork, photographs, letters, along with an understanding of the meaning behind them, into embroidered memories.  

When she offered me a chance for my own memory pillow, it took me weeks to decide on the subject.  Actually, I knew what I wanted in an instant but I couldn't imagine how it could be recreated.  In the end, I went with my first inspiration and sent Sarah a picture of my favorite place on the planet - the house without a roof in Lameshur Bay, St John USVI.   I mean, just look at this photo! - how could it be translated into embroidery?  Well, you can see from my pillow that it was!

The detailing is spectacular and the incorporation of different fabrics into the piece is perfect.

Notice how the blue water shows through the windows - not to mention how the stitching recreates the three-dimensional aspect of the roofless house.

I am beyond thrilled and know I will treasure this wonderful memory pillow always!

Here are more examples of Sarah's custom pieces.

Children's Drawings


Custom Pet Pillows

Special Memories

House Portraits

Custom designed monograms - napkins, towels and more. For those seeking a special gift for a bride & groom, add the date of their wedding.

When you work with Sarah she will sketch out the design to ensure it captures the look and feel you want. When she emailed my sketch I knew right away it was perfect.  So, if you have a special memory that you want to bring to life, or to give as a treasured gift to someone special, contact
Sarah at Huger Embroidery   

(p.s. notice the Gibson girl pillow?  Sarah's great-grandfather was Charles Dana Gibson, the creator of the Gibson Girl and her great aunt was the renowned Nancy Lancaster of Colefax and Fowler.)


Mary Ann Pickett said...

What a fabulous gift!!

Karena said...

Michele What beautiful works of art, these pillows are truly wonderful!!

The Arts by Karena New Feature

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

How cool is that?! Thanks for sharing.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

How cool is that -and she has the best artistic pedigree to boot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting my pillows, Michele! They are really fun to create!!

Melissa Robinson said...

That's some sharp embroidery work you've got there. Anything that can make pillows seem more dynamic and fresh is indeed most welcome. That helps us more to appreciate the comfort and luxury those represent and bring. Thanks for sharing that! More power to you!

Melissa Robinson @ Pillow Perfect

Barney Erikson said...
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