Monday, March 23, 2015


Every once and a while you see an image that stops you in your tracks and leaves you wow-ed.  That's how I felt when I came across this image from The Scout Guide (TSG) here - from a post celebrating 100 volumes of TSG. 

We're headed to Nashville and Lexington on spring break and the first place I headed to check scout out stores and restaurants was the The Scout Guide for these two cities (Nashville Scout Guide and Lexington Scout Guide). If you have any tips too I'd love to hear them.  Hope it's feeling like Spring where you are!


Jeannine | The Small and Chic Home said...

They are beautiful, little books and they started in my town. They aren't organized by neighborhoods and don't include and text, which might not make them too helpful in navigating a city as a visitor.

Lauren Farrow said...

Interesting. I had never heard of TSG but maybe that is because they do not have many New England towns listed on their city guide. Nothing in the Boston area.

Maybe I will use them when I travel south.

My Notting Hill said...

Lauren - You're right about that - I hadn't noticed they weren't any in Boston. Hopefully that will change in the future! Michele

Karena Albert said...

Wow, no kidding Michele, this image stopped me in my tracks as well!! Will have to check out TSG!

The Arts by Karena
A New Gallery in Town!

Segreto Secrets said...

TSG always has beautiful images to gush over!!
xo. Leslie
Segreto Finishes

Jennifer Sergent said...

Totally agree with your headline -- I can't stop looking at this picture!!

TSG Editorial said...

Thank you for posting, and for all the kind comments! We had so much fun shooting the photo, and it's so lovely to hear that people are enjoying the result!

We're in 60 cities now, including South Shore, MA, but we have yet to launch TSG Boston - if you know someone who would be interested in becoming our Boston editor please get in touch!

Again, thanks for the shout-out! We really appreciate it!


Jennie said...

I live in Nashville (after 25 years as a NYer) and I recommend Husk, Rolf and Daughters and Miel for wonderful, sophisticated farm-to-table meals. But you really should stop by an old Nashville standby: Monell's on Sixth Avenue in Germantown (very close to downtown.) Monell's, located in an old Victorian house, is one of those places they seat you with a tableful of other diners (and everyone is friendly) and they start passing bowls of homemade food: biscuits, fried chicken, ten different sort of vegetables, etc. It's real old fashioned Southern food and truly fun. We always bring visitors there. I'm no fan of country music, but the Country Music Hall of Fame is worth the trip anyway. Very charmingly curated with a sense of humor. Have a great trip!

therelishedroost said...

Yes thats a show stopper!!


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