Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Upscale Laundry Room

I was trying to think of a descriptor for this laundry room but all I could think of was "upscale" - so, I'm going with that. Designed by Lynni Megginson for the 2015 DC Design House, the walls are covered in an amazing wall covering of crushed oyster shells and mica.  The room is full of other fun details too. Definitely a room to enjoy while you're sorting and folding.

Winfield Thybony Mica


LilyBart said...

Beautiful. But the spin cycle will knock those pretty containers right off the machine.

Karena Albert said...

Very chic, bright and love the malachite art!!

The Arts by Karena

My Notting Hill said...

LilyBart - Good point!

Lissy Parker said...

I am loving the upscale look. I am planning a laundry room in the new house—perfect timing. I also had large containers on my washer and dryer and they never shook off. I had an LG washer and dryer that were very quiet.
thank you for the inspiration1
xo, lissy

sharon smith said...

Wow. I'm inspired now to do laundry. Who knew all I needed was a fab laundry room!!!
Well done.

Nancy said...

now that's how you do laundry! hubba hubba. love the green accents!!!!

home before dark said...

I'm with Lily Bart (love the reference to House of Mirth), my high speed front loader is terrific but nothing would stay on top in the spin cycle! In fact I moved the laundry to the basement because of the vibrations. I'm impressed and more than a little amused by the oxymoron of up scale laundry room. I like knowing the floor in concrete, has a floor drain if there is a mess, is close to a sink and has room for me to leave the ironing board up! Up scale it is not. Practical it is!

Alison @ The Polohouse said...

Love the malachite!
My laundry room leaves much to be desired.
Thanks for the inspiration!

therelishedroost said...

I wish my laundry room could be that chic! xo K


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